ECE 411

ECE 411


Spring 2018

Lab Assignments


MP0 Document

It is a lengthy tutorial but make sure you read through it thoroughly to avoid problems later.

Deadline: 1/23, Tuesday, 5 PM


MP1 Document

CP1 Deadline: 1/29, Monday, 5 PM

Final Deadline: 2/04, Sunday, 5 PM


MP2 Document

CP1 Deadline: 2/11, Sunday, 5 PM

CP2 Deadline: 2/18, Sunday, 5 PM

Final Deadline: 2/25, Sunday, 5 PM

MP Information and Resources

All MP0-MP2 are due in the ECE 411 dropbox (Third floor of the ECE Building) by 5pm on the scheduled due date.

MP3 must be submitted on GitLab by 5pm on the scheduled due date. Your demo will use a snapshot of the code at that time. A repository on GitLab will be set up for your group.

The laboratory component of ECE 411 uses Altera Quartus II and Mentor Graphics Modelsim software. Machine Problem assignments are to be performed in the EWS Linux labs. Hours and locations are listed on the EWS website

If you need to acquire an EWS account, please contact the course staff.

Useful Machine Problem Links