ECE398BD: Fundamentals of Bioinformatics (Logistics)

Contact Information

Instructor: Professor Olgica Milenkovic
Office: 311 Coordinated Science Laboratory
Email: milenkov [at] illinois [dot] edu
Office Hours: By Appointment

Teaching Assistant: Hussein Tabatabaei Yazdi and Vida Ravanmehr
Emails: hussein.ty [at] gmail [dot] com and vidarm [at] illinois [dot] edu
Office Hours: Mondays 3PM - 4PM, 125 CSL


There is no required textbook as we will provide a set of notes online. The notes contain pointers to relevant references.

Grading: You will have a weekly quiz on Tuesdays (except for the first week of class). These quizzes are short (approximately 20 minutes) and are designed to test the concepts you have learned. The quizzes are closed-book and closed-notes. Electronic devices (calculators, cellphones, pagers, laptops, headphones, etc.) are neither necessary nor permitted. The quizzes form 20% of your grade. No collaboration is allowed during the quizzes. The labs will form the remaining 80% of your grade. Each lab will be weighted equally. If you have a request for re-grading, the request must be submitted in writing within a week of the lab being returned to you. It should have a clear explanation of what you would like to be looked at again. Grades will be posted on Compass.

Late Policy: For each day that you are late, you will see a 20 points score deduction.

There are no exceptions to these policies beyond the standard policies of the university (e.g. disability accomodations, serious illness, etc.). If you need an exception, please contact Prof. Milenkovic.

These policies apply only to the Bioinformatics section of the course.

General References

You may find the following references useful.

  • Kingsford lecture notes [link] (Free!)

  • Salzberg lecture notes [link] (Free!)