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This material is provided freely on the Internet and is available for general distribution so long as all copyright notices remain intact. These notes serve as an outline for the ECE 390 course, at the University of Illinois in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

These notes are not meant to be a substitute for regular classroom attendance. Additional discussion, clarification, and examples are provided in the classroom.

Use of this material at non-profit, educational insititutions is permitted and encouraged. Use of this material (or parts) for profit or commercial use requires written consent of author(s). Contact for more information.

Numerous individuals have made major contributions to ECE 390, including:

  • Josh Potts
    • Lecturer for Fall 2001, Summer 2001, Spring 2001, and Summer 2000 semesters
    • Revised lecture content, updated lab manual
  • Constantine Polychronopoulos
    • Professor for Spring 2000 semester
    • Course Director
  • Zbigniew Kalbarczyk
    • Professor for Fall 2000 and Fall 1999 semesters
  • Prof. John Lockwood
    • Professor for Spring 1999, Fall 1998, Spring 1998, Fall 1997, Spring 1997, and Fall 1996 semesters
    • Authored Course Material on Networking, Floating Point Math and FPU operations, Instruction-level Parallelism (MMX, 3DNow, SSE), 3D graphics
    • Developed and implemented ECE 390 Gradebot and Web-based grading tools
    • Developed ECE 390 web pages and created first on-line class
  • Jay Moorman
    • Summer 1999 and Summer 1998 Instructor
    • Authored course material for error detection
  • Matt Plavcan
    • Summer 1997 Instructor
    • Authored course Material on Coding techniques, Sound, DMA
  • Prof. Michael Loui
    • Professor for: Spring 1996, Fall 1995, Spring 1995, Fall 1994, and Spring 1994 semesters
    • Authored course Material on: Stack-based programming, Bresenham's line algorithm, Encryption
    • Guest Lecturer for Engineering Ethics
  • Joseph Gebis
  • Eric Meidel
  • Prof. Kent Fuchs
    • Development of LegoBot System
  • Prof. Gernot Metz
    • Authored course material on: Peripheral I/O (Serial/Parallel/Keyboard)
  • Tom Maciukenas
  • Jonathan Greenlaw
  • Andy Assad
  • David Eprim Pearah
  • Michael Thiems
  • Doug Stirrett
  • Allan M. Krol
  • Brandon Long
  • Jeff Stahl
  • Peter L. B. Johnson
    • Constructed NASM real-mode and DJGPP protected-mode development environments
    • Developed PModeLib, the course protected mode library
    • Developed EX390, a high-resolution graphics driver for Windows 2000
    • Edited, updated, and authored new material for lab manual
  • Michael Urman
    • Developed 16-bit SoundBlaster module for PModeLib
    • Designed and implemented ECE 390 Gradebot 2000

The "Art of Assembly"

  • Copyright by Randall Hyde.
  • Included in this collection with the permission of the author.

Lecture Notes

  • Copyright 2001, Josh Potts

"Lockwood Lectures"

The original interactive, Web-based GradeBot

GradeBot 2000

  • Written and created by Michael Urman
  • Copyright 2000, Michael Urman

Machine Problems

  • Spring 1999: Copyright John Lockwood (Network Tag, HP-Calc) with help from Josh Scheid (GUI front-end)
  • Fall 1998: Copyright John Lockwood with help from Brandon Tipp (RSA), Josh Scheid (Tron), Sankalp Acharya (ZBuffer)
  • Summer 1998: Copyright Jay Moorman. (File Parser, Error Detector, Black Jack, Bomb)
  • Spring 1998 Copyright John Lockwood (Huffman Encoding) with help from Mike Carter (Everitt3D) and Dan Restelli (15-Puzzle)
  • Fall 1997 Copyright John Lockwood (Battletank 3D Simulator, Score Distribution, Run-Length Encoder) with help from Dan Restelli (Visual Sorting)
  • Summer 1997 Copyright Matt Plavcan (Paintboard, TSR-Screensaver, Infix calculator, ASM formatter)
  • Spring 1997 Copyright John Lockwood (Tag, Lunar Lander, Bakery of Hanoi, Little (Visiting Assistant) Professor, Events Calendar)
  • Fall 1996 Copyright John Lockwood (Maze3D, Maze, HPCalc, Class Standings)
    (first on-line class)

Final Projects

  • Copyright by the students of ECE 390, as listed.

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