ECE 365: Smart Grid (Labs and Quizzes)

  Topic Lab Due (All US Central Time)
Lab1 Load Prediction [link] Oct 12th 11:59 pm CT
Lab2 Detect Faulty Sensor [link] Oct 19th 11:59 pm CT
Lab3 Virtual Bidding [link] Oct 26th 11:59 pm CT
Lab4 Logistic Regression [link] Nov 2nd 11:59 pm CT



You will have four quizzes.

The quizzes will be conducted in person in ECEB 1013.

Lab Submission


  • You will be provided with a template Jupyter Notebook (.ipynb file) for each lab. Follow the instructions provided in the Jupyter Notebook (.ipynb) to implement the required functions. Do not change the file name or the function headers!

  • Upload only your Jupyter Notebook (.ipynb file) on Gradescope.

  • You can submit for any times you want before the deadline. No late submission.