ECE 361 - Spring 2017

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HW 7.

due: Thursday, May 4 @ 9am


HW 6.

due: Friday, April 21 @ 5pm


HW 5.

due: Thursday, April 6 @ 5pm


HW 4.

due: Friday, March 17 @ 4pm


HW 3.

due: Friday, February 24 @ 4pm


HW 2.
NOTE: here is a derivation of the BSC that we did in class.
Use that instead of the expression I gave in class.

due: Friday, February 10 @ 4pm


HW 1.

due: Friday, January 27 @ 4pm


Written homework assignments will be posted above every other Tuesday (starting on 1/17) and will be due by 4pm on Fridays on the due date by dropping it in mailbox #19 on the northeast corner of the 3rd floor in ECEB.

Late homework will receive no credit.

Homework format: Your homework assignment should be readable, clearly written. In the case it isn't, students will be penalized with reduction of points or zero credits. The header should be in the following format: left side up corner: course number, section, and semester; right side up corner: student name and netID; and in the middle HW1,2, etc. See the following picture as an example:

Regrades: If you want to request a regrade of your homework, you must do so within a week of it being initially handed back during lecture (if you pick it up late you do not get an extension). To request a regrade, on a separate piece of paper, write why you think you should get more credit. Staple this paper to your homework and then hand it to the instructor.