ECE 340: Semiconductor Electronics

Jean-Pierre Leburton (Sec. B)
(217) 333-6813
1258 Micro and Nanotechnology Lab (MNTL)

Office Hours: 1258 MNTL Wed 2-3 PM

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F. Ismail
Office Hours: Thu 3-4 PM (Location: ECEB 3034)

Welcome to ECE 340 Summer 2018!

Course Announcements

  • Mid-term exam statistics: Average: 29.4 (out of 40), Standard Deviation: 5.76. Appeals for regrading will be accepted on Monday 07/16 in class (In order to submit an appeal for regrade, please clearly explain the reasons for regrading on a separate sheet clipped to your exam booklet. Please don't write on the exam, or it will incur penalty.)
  • Midterm hour exam will be on July 5, in ECEB 1013, from 2:15 to 3:15 pm (also mentioned in the Syllabus pdf).
  • 6/11/2018 - First day of instruction; website updated with syllabus.

Course Information

Exam Solutions


Homework will be posted here every Friday (except HW 1, to be posted next Tuesday, 6/12). Solutions will also be posted once all assignments have been graded and returned.


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