Summer 2015

ECE 329: Fields and Waves I

Section Time Room Instructor Office Hours Office
D 11:00 1013 ECEB E. Kudeki MTh 4 PM 2080 ECEB

Teaching Assistants: Levent Gezer - Office Hours: Mon, Thurs 1:00-2:00 PM at 5034 ECEB

Course Director: Erhan Kudeki, 2080 ECEB

Text: "Fundamentals of Electromagnetics for Electrical and Computer Engineering", by N. N. Rao, Prentice-Hall, 2009

Reading and Course Outline: Specified in Course Calendar

Supplementary Course Material: review of vector calculus list of vector identities TEM wave propagation movies time-domain TL waves Smith Chart Tool AARL Smith Chart Supp Smith chart Smith Chart Examples Impedance Matching Summer 2012 lectures by E Kudeki

Homework: Will be assigned on-line on this web page and collected on Tuesdays and Fridays --- completed assignments should be dropped in the ECE 329 HW Drop-Box located on the 3rd floor of ECEB across the Undergrad Lounge by 5 PM on the due dates (Tuesdays and Fridays).

The assignments and their solutions will be posted below in pdf format (if you are having font error issues, please update your Acrobat Reader).

Homework 1 soln Homework 2 soln Homework 2 - optional soln Homework 3 soln Homework 4 soln Homework 5 soln Homework 6 soln Homework 7 soln Homework 8 soln Homework 9 soln Homework 10 soln Homework 11 soln Homework 12 soln Homework 13 soln

No late homework will be accepted (except when special permission is granted by your instructor before the due date).

Lecture Videos: Lect 1a Lect 1b Lect 1c Lect 2a Lect 2b Lect 2c Lect 3a Lect 3b Lect 3c Lect 4a Lect 4b Lect 4c Lect 5a Lect 5b Lect 5c Lect 6a Lect 6b Lect 6c Lect 7a Lect 7b Lect 7c Lect 8a Lect 8b Lect 8c Lect 9a Lect 9b Lect 9c Lect 10a Lect 10b Lect 10c Lect 11a Lect 11b Lect 11c Lect 12a Lect 12b Lect 12c Lect 13a Lect 13b Lect 13c Lect 14a Lect 14b Lect 14c Lect 15a Lect 15b Lect 15c Lect 16a Lect 16b Lect 16c Lect 16d Lect 17a Lect 17b Lect 17c Lect 18a Lect 18b Lect 18c Lect 19a Lect 19b Lect 19c Lect 20a Lect 20b Lect 20c Lect 21a Lect 21b Lect 21c Lect 22a Lect 22b Lect 22c Lect 23a Lect 23b Lect 23c Lect 24a Lect 24b Lect 24c Lect 25a Lect 25b Lect 25c Lect 26a Lect 26b Lect 26c Lect 27a Lect 27b Lect 27c Lect 28a Lect 28b Lect 28c Lect 29a Lect 29b Lect 29c Lect 30a Lect 30b Lect 30c Lect 31a Lect 31b Lect 31c Lect 32a Lect 32b Lect 32c Lect 33a Lect 33b Lect 33c

Exams: Three midsemester exams and the final exam are scheduled as follows:

Exam I: Wed, July 1, 2015 - Sum09 Exam1 soln Fall09 Exam 1 soln Sp10 Exam 1 soln Fall10 Exam 1 soln Sp11 Exam 1 soln Sum11 Exam 1 soln Fall11 Exam 1 soln Sp12 Exam 1 soln Sum12 Exam 1 soln Fall12 Exam 1 soln Sp13 Exam 1 soln Sum13 Exam 1 soln Fall13 Exam 1 soln *Suppl to Fall13 Exam 1 P6* Sp14 Exam 1 soln Sum14 Exam 1 soln Fall14 Exam 1 soln Sp15 Exam 1 soln Sum15 Exam 1 soln
Exam II: Wed, July 15, 2015 - Sum09 Exam2 soln Fall09 Exam 2 soln Sp10 Exam 2 soln Fall10 Exam 2 soln Sp11 Exam 2 soln Sum11 Exam 2 soln Fall11 Exam 2 soln Sp12 Exam 2 soln Sum12 Exam 2 soln Fall12 Exam 2 soln Sp13 Exam 2 soln Sum13 Exam 2 soln Fall13 Exam 2 soln Sp14 Exam 2 soln Sum14 Exam 2 soln Fall14 Exam 2 soln Sp15 Exam 2 soln Sum15 Exam 2 soln
Exam III: Wed, July 29, 2015 - Sum09 Exam3 soln Fall09 Exam 3 soln Sp10 Exam 3 soln Fall10 Exam 3 soln Sp11 Exam 3 soln Sum11 Exam 3 soln Fall11 Exam 3 soln Sp12 Exam 3 soln Sum12 Exam 3 soln Fall12 Exam 3 soln Sp13 Exam 3 soln Sum13 Exam 3 soln Fall13 Exam 3 soln Sp14 Exam 3 soln Sum14 Exam 3 soln Fall14 Exam 3 soln Sp15 Exam 3 soln Sum15 Exam 3 soln
Final Exam: Sat, Aug 8, 2015, 1-3 PM - Fall11 Final Fall13 Final

If you have any special circumstances or feel you have a conflict with any exam(s), see your instructor to make arrangements.

Grading Policy:

Homework and Class Participation 15% of total
Midsemester Exams 60% of total
Final Exam 25% of total