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ECE 329: Fields and Waves I


Section Time Room Instructor Office HW Box Mathematica Section?
C 11:00 AM 2017 ECEB Lara Waldrop (lwaldrop@illinois.edu) 5052 ECEB 38 NO
C 11:00 AM 2017 ECEB Raluca Ilie (rilie@illinois.edu) 5054 ECEB 38 NO
X 12:00 PM 2017 ECEB Minjoo Lee (mllee@illinois.edu) 2258 MNTL 39 NO
E 1:00 PM 2017 ECEB Wei He (weihe16@illinois.edu 3058 ECEB 40 NO



Pratik Joshi (Head TA, ppjoshi2@illinois.edu, Please direct all other email enquiries excluding HW) 

Shuo Liu (Head HW TA, shuoliu3@illinois.edu, Please direct all HW related questions)

Yuan Cheng (ycheng35@illinois.edu)

Yixuan Zhao (yzhao60@illinois.edu)

Parisa Karimi (parisa2@illinois.edu)


Course Director: Erhan Kudeki (erhan@illinois.edu)


Office Hours: Instructors and TAs have scheduled office hours listed in the table below, and are also available by appointment. You can attend any of the office hours regardless of the section that you are registered for. For TAs, office hours are held in the rooms noted in the table. Instructor office hours are held in their respective office.








Parisa Karimi

5034 ECEB


Wei He

3058 ECEB








Minjoo Lee

2258 MNTL


Yixuan Zhao

3020 ECEB

Lara Waldrop

5052 ECEB


Raluca Ilie

5054 ECEB



Shuo Liu

2017 ECEB



Pratik Joshi

2017 ECEB


Yuan Cheng

2017 ECEB






Lectures: Each instructor's lectures will be slightly different, but should cover the same basic material. The lecture notes that are posted below (on the course calendar) give an excellent overview of the material to be covered in that day's lecture. We encourage you to attend the lecture you are enrolled in. If you discover a lecture better suited for your schedule or the way you learn, we strongly encourage you to switch into that lecture, if possible.

Lecture Notes (~Textbook): "ECE 329 Lecture Notes on Fields & Waves", by Erhan Kudeki, 2016. Download here

Lecture Notes (~Text Slides): "ECE 329 Lecture Slides", by Lynford Goddard, 2017. Download here

Lecture Notes (~Notes): "ECE 329 Lecture Notes", by Larry Lee, 2017. Download here

Course Outline: Specified in Course Calendar

Supplementary Text (not required): "Electromagnetics and Applications", by David H. Staelin, 2011. Download here

Supplementary Course Material: Summer 2012 Audio Lectures by E Kudeki Summer 2015 Video Lectures by E Kudeki Spring 2016 Lecture Notes by A Fliflet review of vector calculus list of vector identities TEM wave propagation movies time-domain TL waves AARL Smith Chart Supp Smith Chart Smith Chart (red) Smith Chart Examples Smith Chart Annotated Smith Chart Tool Smith Chart Basics Impedance Matching Summer 2016 Video Lectures by E Kudeki - Mathematica Section

The Mathematica Section: This semester, ECE 329 will not be taught using a Mathematica based approach. However, all the resources are provided on the Course Calendar as links to a collection of Mathematica notebooks. All engineering students have free access to Mathematica via Citrix remote server (Citrix Download or Citrix Download for Linux).

Piazza: Questions about the class or course material can be posted to Piazza and a TA will answer them within 12 hours.  To enroll to ECE329 piazza use the following link : Enroll in piazza.

Homework: Will be assigned on-line on this web page and collected on Tuesdays --- completed assignments should be dropped in the ECE 329 HW Drop-Box (#38: Section C, #39: Section X, #40: Section E) located at the west side of ECEB on the third floor (opposite to ECEB 3026)  by Tuesdays 6 PM . No late homework will be accepted (except when special permission is granted by your instructor before the due date). This semester students would be allowed to drop one HW score from grade consideration. 

Homework 1  Homework 2      Homework 3      Homework 4      Homework 5      Homework 6       Homework 7       Homework 8     Homework 9     Homework 10   

Homework 11    Homework 12    Homework 13    Homework 14


HW1_solution HW2_solution HW3_solution  HW4_solution  HW5_solution   HW6_solution   HW7_solution    HW8_solution    HW9_solution   HW10_solution   

HW11_solution   HW12_solution   HW13_solution   HW14_solution

Review sessions:  

Exam_1_review   Exam_2_review     Exam_3_review     Final_exam_review_(instructors)      Final_exam_review_(TAs) 

Exams: Three midsemester exams (outside of class) and the final exam are scheduled below. The room assignments for the midterms are ECEB 2013, ECEB 2015, ECEB 2017. The room assignments for the final are TBD.  If you want to request an exam regrade, you should submit your graded exam to your instructor WITHIN ONE WEEK of receiving your grade, with a detailed description of why you think you should receive more credit stapled to the exam as a cover page.  

Exam I:

Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 7:00-8:15 PM - Sum11 Exam 1 soln Sum12 Exam 1 soln Fall12 Exam 1 soln  Sp13 Exam 1 soln  Sum13 Exam 1 soln  Fall13 Exam 1 soln  *Suppl to Fall13 Exam 1 P6*  Sp14 Exam 1 soln  Sum14 Exam 1 soln  Fall14 Exam 1 soln  Spring 15 Exam 1 Sp15 Exam 1 soln  Sum15 Exam 1 soln  Fall 15 Exam 1 Fall15 Exam 1 soln  Sp16 Exam 1 soln Sum16 Exam 1 soln Fall 16 Exam 1 soln Spring 17 Exam 1  Spring 17 Exam 1 soln Fall 17 Exam 1 soln 

Exam II:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 7:00-8:15 PM - Sum11 Exam 2 soln Sum12 Exam 2 soln Fall12 Exam 2 soln  Sp13 Exam 2 soln Sum13 Exam 2 soln  Fall13 Exam 2 soln  Sp14 Exam 2 soln  Sum14 Exam 2 soln  Fall14 Exam 2 soln Spring 15 Exam 2 Sp15 Exam 2 soln  Sum15 Exam 2 soln  Fall 15 Exam 2 Fall15 Exam 2 soln  Sp16 Exam 2 soln Sum16 Exam 2 soln Fall16 Exam 2 soln  Sp17 Exam 2 Sp17 Exam 2 soln Fall 17 Exam 2 soln 

Exam III:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 7:00-8:15 PM - Sum11 Exam 3 soln Sum12 Exam 3 soln Fall12 Exam 3 soln  Sp13 Exam 3 soln  Sum13 Exam 3 soln  Fall13 Exam 3 soln  Sp14 Exam 3 soln  Sum14 Exam 3 soln Fall14 Exam 3 soln  Spring 15 Exam 3 Sp15 Exam 3 soln  Sum15 Exam 3 soln  Fall 15 Exam 3 Fall15 Exam 3 soln  Sp16 Exam 3 soln Sum16 Exam 3 soln Fall 16 Exam 3 soln Sp17 Exam 3 Sp17 Exam 3 soln Fall 17 Exam 3 soln 

Final Exam:

Friday, December 15, 2017, 7:00-10:00 PM, ECEB 1013 (Section C), ECEB 1015 (Section X), ECEB 3015 (Section E)
Spring 11 Final  Spring 11 Final soln Fall13 Final soln Fall13 "Answers"  Summer14 Final  Summer14 Final soln  Goddard Review of 329  329 Review Handout

Conflict Exams: Three midsemester conflict exams are scheduled as below. Please email the Head TA (Pratik Joshi) about any conflicts. The room assignment for the conflict exam would be provided to the student after their conflict is approved by the course instructors.

Conflict Exam I:

Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 5:30-6:45 PM 

Conflict Exam II:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017,  5:30-6:45 PM  

Conflict Exam III:

Wednesday, November 15, 2017,  5:30-6:45 PM 

Final Exam:

Saturday, December 16, 2017, 7:00-10:00 PM

Grading Policy:

Homework 15% of total
Midterm Exams (x3) 60% of total
Final Exam 25% of total