Fall 2015

ECE 329: Fields and Waves I

Course Director: Erhan Kudeki, 2080 ECEB

Course Coordinator: Lynford Goddard, 2254 MNTL

Announcement: Exam 2 Re-grade and Exam 3 

Exam 2 Solutions

Section Time Room Instructor Office Hours Office HW Box
A 9:00 AM 2017 ECEB A. Fliflet (afliflet@illinois.edu) Tue. 3-4 PM 3036 ECEB Box 32
C 11:00 AM 2017 ECEB Z. Liang (z-liang@illinois.edu) Thu. 4-5 PM 4257 Beckman Box 33
X 12:00 noon 2017 ECEB W. He (weihe16@illinois.edu) Wed. 10-11AM 3036 ECEB Box 30
E 1:00 PM 2017 ECEB L. Goddard (lgoddard@illinois.edu) Thu. 2-3 PM 2254 MNTL Box 29
P 2:00 PM 2017 ECEB D. Wasserman (dwass@illinois.edu) Mon. 10-11AM   2258 MNTL Box 31

  P-section Website

If you find any issues with this webpage (broken links, incorrect information, etc), please contact Tian Xia tianxia3@illinois.edu.

Lectures: You can attend any lecture or even attend multiple lectures during the day. We encourage you to at least attend the section you are enrolled in. If you discover a section better suited for your schedule or the way you learn, we strongly encourage you to switch into this section, if possible. Each instructor's lectures will be slightly different, but each section will cover the same basic material during the semester. Note that section P (2pm) is Mathematica based.The lecture notes are posted below (on the course calendar). They give an excellent overview of the material to be covered in that day's lecture.


Participation For all sections, participation counts towards 1% of your grade. Section P will evaluate participation separately and differently from Sections A, C, X, and E.


Participation for students in Section P: Students enrolled in this section must attend the 2pm lecture to earn participation.


Participation for students in Sections A, C, X, and E: Instructors will take attendance using i>clickers starting in Lecture 4. You can use the original i>clicker, i>clicker plus, or i>clicker 2. Unfortunately, we cannot support i>clicker Go because of potential wireless connection issues. Please register your i>clicker by Wednesday August 26 by logging into Compass 2g and selecting i>clicker Registration from the tab on the left (you may need to first click the Fall 2015-ECE 329-Fields and Waves I-Section A, C, X, E, link under your course list). It is your responsibility to bring your i>clicker to each class and for it to have working batteries. No credit will be given for missed attendance. However, you can miss up to 5 classes and still receive the full 1% participation. You can attend section A, C, X, or E for attendance credit that day. Unfortunately, we cannot transfer attendance if you attend section P. Each absence above 5 will reduce your participation by 10% of the 1%, i.e. 0.1% for your total grade. Over 15 absences results in a 0% participation score. The attendance scores will be posted to Compass 2g about once per week.


TA's Office Hours Office
Xu Chen (xuchen1@illinois.edu) Tue. 7-8 PM (problem solving session) 2017 ECEB
Sartaj Grewal (grewal2@illinois.edu) Mon. 3-4 PM 3036 ECEB
Yuhui (Dennis) Lai (lai35@illinois.edu) Thu. 10-11 AM 3036 ECEB
Tian Xia (tianxia3@illinois.edu) Fri. 4-5 PM 3036 ECEB
Lan Yu (lanyu2@illinois.edu) (Mathematica OH) Tue. & Thu. 5-6 PM 1304 MNTL


Office Hours: Students are encouraged to attend office hours, especially if they are having trouble with lectures or homeworks. You can attend any of the 8 office hours held each week. On the Monday of a midterm exam week, sections A, C, X, and E will have office hours during class time.

Problem Solving Sessions: In addition to conventional office hours, there will be a one hour problem solving session held each Tuesday (of non-exam weeks) from 7-8PM in ECEB 2017. This problem solving session will help you learn how to approach, understand, and solve homework and exam problems. It will be more structured than the other office hours. If you have specific homework or lecture-related problems, those should be addressed in the regular office hours. Students who attend the problem solving session will also have access to the slides used in the session.

Suggested (not required) Text: "Fundamentals of Electromagnetics for Electrical and Computer Engineering", by N. N. Rao, Prentice-Hall, 2009. The Rao text will be on reserve at the Grainger library throughout the semester.

Reading and Course Outline: Specified in Course Calendar

Supplementary Course Material:

Summer 2012 Audio Lectures by E Kudeki  Summer 2015 Video Lectures by E Kudeki  Spring 2015 Lecture Notes by L Goddard  Fall 2015 Lecture Notes by A Fliflet 

review of vector calculus list of vector identities TEM wave propagation movies time-domain TL waves Smith Chart Tool AARL Smith Chart Supp Smith chart Smith Chart Examples Impedance Matching

Homework: Homeworks will be due at 5pm on Monday. Graded homeworks will be returned to you in class on the Wednesday of the week after they were turned in. Homework solutions will be posted on the course website immediately after they are due. There will be NO late homeworks! If a HW is not turned in by 5pm on Monday afternoon, it receives a 0.

Each Section has its own HW Dropbox. Dropboxes are located on the 3rd floor of ECEB, near the Northeast staircases. The boxes will be labeled with the section numbers and instructor names. You can also see the top of this web page to find your section's dropbox. MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR HOMEWORK IN THE DROPBOX CORRESPONDING TO THE SECTION YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR!!

Homeworks will typically be anywhere from 5-10 problems. Each homework is only worth about 1% of your final grade, so the real benefit from the homeworks does not come from the score you receive on them, but what you learn as you solve the problems. Most homeworks will have a bonus problem. This problem is usually more challenging than the other homework problems, and skipping the bonus problem will not cost you any points. However, the bonus problems, if completed, can bring your total homework percentage up to (but not above) 100%.

If you have an excused absence from turning in the homework, you will require a note from the Emergency Dean. Generally we consider an excused absence to be an illness, death in the family, or travel for a conference, to receive an award, etc. It is the job of your instructor to determine whether a missed HW is excused.  If the instructor determines that the HW can be excused, then the HW will be dropped from your grade. Because this will require some coordination at the end of the semester, please keep the course coordinator (Prof. Goddard, lgoddard@illinois.edu) in the loop when a HW is excused. 

The assignments and their solutions will be posted below in pdf format (if you are having font error issues, please update your Acrobat Reader).

Homework 1 soln Homework 2 soln Homework 3 soln Homework 4 soln Homework 5 soln Homework 6 soln Homework 7 soln Homework 8 soln Homework 9 soln Homework 10 soln Homework 11 soln Homework 12 soln Homework 13 soln



Exams: Three midsemester exams (7 PM) and the final exam are scheduled as follows:

Exam I: Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - Sum09 Exam1 soln Fall09 Exam 1 soln Sp10 Exam 1 soln Fall10 Exam 1 soln Sp11 Exam 1 soln Sum11 Exam 1 soln Fall11 Exam 1 soln Sp12 Exam 1 soln Sum12 Exam 1 soln Fall12 Exam 1 soln Sp13 Exam 1 soln Sum13 Exam 1 soln Fall13 Exam 1 soln *Suppl to Fall13 Exam 1 P6* Sp14 Exam 1 soln Sum14 Exam 1 soln Fall14 Exam 1 soln Sp15 Exam 1 soln Sum15 Exam 1 soln Fall15 Exam 1 soln
Exam II: Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - Sum09 Exam2 soln Fall09 Exam 2 soln Sp10 Exam 2 soln Fall10 Exam 2 soln Sp11 Exam 2 soln Sum11 Exam 2 soln Fall11 Exam 2 soln Sp12 Exam 2 soln Sum12 Exam 2 soln Fall12 Exam 2 soln Sp13 Exam 2 soln Sum13 Exam 2 soln Fall13 Exam 2 soln Sp14 Exam 2 soln Sum14 Exam 2 soln Fall14 Exam 2 soln Sp15 Exam 2 soln Sum15 Exam 2 soln
Exam III: Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - Sum09 Exam3 soln Fall09 Exam 3 soln Sp10 Exam 3 soln Fall10 Exam 3 soln Sp11 Exam 3 soln Sum11 Exam 3 soln Fall11 Exam 3 soln Sp12 Exam 3 soln Sum12 Exam 3 soln Fall12 Exam 3 soln Sp13 Exam 3 soln Sum13 Exam 3 soln Fall13 Exam 3 soln Sp14 Exam 3 soln Sum14 Exam 3 solnFall14 Exam 3 soln Sp15 Exam 3 soln Sum15 Exam 3 soln
Final Exam: Friday, December 11, 2015 - Fall11 Final soln Fall13 Final solnFall13 "Answers" Summer14 Final Summer14 Final soln

If you have any special circumstances or feel you have a conflict with any exam(s), contact your instructor and Prof. Goddard to make arrangements. We will schedule conflict exams for the day of the midterm at 5:30pm. In order to take the conflict exam, you must let your instructor and Prof. Goddard know one week in advance, i.e. Tuesday of the previous week, at the very latest. If you cannot make the regularly scheduled exam or the conflict or if you have a note from the Emergency Dean, we will schedule you to take an oral make-up exam of about 1 hour, administered by at least two of the course instructors. 


Grading Policy:

Homework and Class Participation 15% of total
Midsemester Exams (x3) 60% of total
Final Exam 25% of total