Spring 2024


ECE 329: Fields and Waves I


Sec Time Room Instructor Office Hours Office Hours Location
E 1:00 PM MWF ECEB 2017 Lara Waldrop (lwaldrop@illinois.edu) Monday 10:00 AM ECEB 5034
F 2:00 PM MWF ECEB 2015 Xu Chen (xuchen1@illinois.edu) Monday 9:00 AM ECEB 5040
X 12:00 PM MWF ECEB 3081 Victoria Shao (yangshao@illinois.edu) Thursday 11:00 AM ECEB 5034 Lecture notes


Contacts: Please send all the course-related questions to this email ece-329-spring24-group@office365.illinois.edu rather than individual instructors.


Teaching Assistants:

Chi Zhang (czhng110@illinois.edu) - Office Hours: Wed 5:00pm - 7:00pm(ECEB 2017) and Thu 2:00pm - 4:00pm (ECEB 5034) 

Shuen Wu (shuenwu2@illinois.edu) - Office Hours: Mon 11:00am - 12:00pm, 5:00pm - 6:00pm and Thu 9:00am - 11:00am (ECEB 5034)

Gayatri Chandran (gpc4@illinois.edu) - Office Hours: Wed 3:00pm - 5:00pm (ECEB 5034)

Derek Chaw (drchaw2@illinois.edu) - Office Hours: Thu 12:00pm - 2:00pm (ECEB 5034)


Faculty and TA Office Hours (January 17 - May 1, except March 11-15 and April 5):

Hrs. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am-10am Xu Chen
ECEB 5040 
    Shuen Wu
ECEB 5034
10am-11am Lara Waldrop
ECEB 5034
    Shuen Wu
ECEB 5034
11am-12pm Shuen Wu
ECEB 5034
    Victoria Shao
ECEB 5034
12pm-1pm       Derek Chaw
ECEB 5034
1pm-2pm       Derek Chaw
ECEB 5034
2pm-3pm       Chi Zhang
ECEB 5034
3pm-4pm     Gayatri Chandran
ECEB 5034
Chi Zhang
ECEB 5034
4pm-5pm     Gayatri Chandran
ECEB 5034
5pm-6pm Shuen Wu
ECEB 5034
  Chi Zhang
ECEB 2017
6pm-7pm     Chi Zhang
ECEB 2017

Lecture Notes (~Textbook): ECE 329 Lecture Slides - Lynford L. Goddard and Brian T. Cunningham            ECE 329 Lecture Notes on Fields & Waves - Erhan Kudeki, 2022

Course Outline: Specified in Course Calendar

Supplementary Text (not required): Fundamentals of Electromagnetics - N. N. Rao, 2009.         Electromagnetics and Applications - D. H. Staelin, 2011

Homework: There will be HW assignments each week due on Thursday at 6pm. HW's will be assigned on Gradescope and the solutions will be posted on Canvas after the due date. Completed HW's must be submitted electronically as a pdf file on Gradescope by 5:59 PM on the due dates. Late submissions will not be accepted with any excuses.  The final homework grade will exclude the two lowest scores from the total 14 homework sets, providing flexibility for unforeseen circumstances such as illness or technical issues. It is advisable to use these opportunities judiciously. NO ADDITIONAL DROPS WILL BE GRANTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.



Exams Policy: Students requiring conflict for any of the midterm exams should notify the course staff no later than 6pm Friday before the exam with a valid reason. The conflict exams will be different than the regular exam, and solutions to the conflict exams will not be available.

Three midsemester exams (in the evening) and one final exam are scheduled as follows:

Exam I:

Monday- 7:00pm-8:15pm, February 19, 2024. ECEB 1002(Grainger Auditorium)

Conflicts: Tuesday- 8:15am-9:30am, February 20, 2024. Location TBD.


Sum11 Exam 1 soln Sum12 Exam 1 soln Fall12 Exam 1 soln Sp13 Exam 1 soln Sum13 Exam 1 soln Fall13 Exam 1 soln *Suppl to Fall13 Exam 1 P6* Sp14 Exam 1 soln Sum14 Exam 1 soln Fall14 Exam 1 soln Sp15 Exam 1 soln Sum15 Exam 1 soln Fall15 Exam 1 soln Sp16 Exam 1 soln Sum16 Exam 1 soln Sum17 Exam 1 soln Sum18 Exam 1 soln Sum19 Exam 1 soln Sum21 Exam 1 soln Sum21 Exam 1 soln Sum22 Exam 1 soln Sum23 Exam 1 soln

Exam II:

Monday- 7:00pm-8:15pm, March 25, 2024. ECEB 1002(Grainger Auditorium)

Conflicts: Tuesday- 8:15am-9:30am, March 26, 2024. Location TBD.


Sum11 Exam 2 soln Sum12 Exam 2 soln Fall12 Exam 2 soln Sp13 Exam 2 soln Sum13 Exam 2 soln Fall13 Exam 2 soln Sp14 Exam 2 soln Sum14 Exam 2 soln Fall14 Exam 2 soln Sp15 Exam 2 soln Sum15 Exam 2 soln Fall15 Exam 2 soln Sp16 Exam 2 soln Sum16 Exam 2 soln Sum17 Exam 2 soln Sum18 Exam 2 soln Sum19 Exam 2 soln Sum20 Exam 2 soln Sum21 Exam 2 soln Sum22 Exam 2 soln Sum23 Exam 2 soln

Exam III:

Monday- 7:00pm-8:15pm, April 22, 2024. ECEB 1002(Grainger Auditorium)

Conflicts: Tuesday- 8:15am-9:30am, April 23, 2024. Location TBD.


Sum11 Exam 3 soln Sum12 Exam 3 soln Fall12 Exam 3 soln Sp13 Exam 3 soln Sum13 Exam 3 soln Fall13 Exam 3 soln Sp14 Exam 3 soln Sum14 Exam 3 soln Fall14 Exam 3 soln Sp15 Exam 3 soln Sum15 Exam 3 soln Fall15 Exam 3 soln Sp16 Exam 3 soln Sum16 Exam 3 soln Sum17 Exam 3 soln Sum18 Exam 3 soln Sum19 Exam 3 soln Sum20 Exam 3 soln Sum21 Exam 3 soln Sum22 Exam 3 soln Sum23 Exam 3 soln

Final Exam:

Monday- 7:00pm-10:00pm, May 6, 2024. ECEB 1002(Grainger Auditorium)

Conflicts: Monday- 8:00am-11:00am, May 6, 2024. ECEB 3081.

Sp11 Final soln Fall13 Final Fall13 "Answers" Summer14 Final Summer14 Final soln Summer20 Final soln


Class Forum: Class Forum will be held on Campuswire where students can upload their questions regarding the course materials.

Join Link: https://campuswire.com/p/G50124EB2 Entry Code: 2379


Grading Policy:

Homework 15% of total
Midterm Exams (x3) 60% of total
Final Exam 25% of total


Syllabus Statement: Please review course expectations and academic policies at Syllabus Statement

Supplementary Course Material:

Final Review_2024 review of vector calculus list of vector identities TEM wave propagation movies time-domain TL waves AARL Smith Chart Supp Smith Chart Smith Chart Examples Smith Chart Annotated Smith Chart Tool Impedance Matching MMA Notebook SolutionsEM Animation for Waves

ECE 398RI Fields and Waves VR lab Course SyllabusSpring 2021 Video Lectures by L GoddardSummer 2016 Video Lectures by E Kudeki - Mathematica SectionSpring 2016 Lecture Notes by A Fliflet