ECE 313 Spring 2014

About the videos

There are links to some short videos in the list of topics on the main webpage; the first one is ILLINI. While we hope you find the videos useful, they are intended only to supplement the notes. They are not a replacement for the notes. Typically the videos focus on problem solving, whereas you need to read the notes for the basic theory that is applied.
Video access is restricted to students, faculty, and staff with a University of Illinois BOX account, which can be established using this link. When viewing the videos on some devices such as iPads or iPhones, you may need to set an external password for your uofi Box account. To do so, sign into Box in the regular fashion, then next to your name at the top right, click on the gear (settings) wheel, at the bottom you can Create External Password. This should allow you to go to the generic Box login page and sign in with your Illinois email and the password you just set up.

You could run into a problem if you earlier created a regular (non-university of Illinois) box account using your university email address. You might try changing the address on that account or deleting it and then create your UofI Box account. See