ECE 313, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign






The ECE 313 Grading Scheme


Grade Distribution Formula: Scores on quizes and examinations will be weighted as shown below in determining your grade.


Letter Grades: After computing each student's Grand Total score as the sum of the average homework score, hour exam scores, and final exam score, we find the mean m and the standard deviation s of the Grand Total scores. Letter grades are assigned using cut-offs that are based roughly on a mixture of


As a rough guideline, we intend to award

+ and - grades are typically awarded at the edges of the above cut-offs. The percentages of A's and B's awarded in ECE 313 are comparable to those awarded in 300-level required courses in the ECE Department.

Additional Rule: Students who obtain equal or over 90% of the total exam scores will get grade A or above, regardless of scores of their quizes and homework.

Trivia regarding grading practices



Request to regrade a problem set