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ECE 313/MATH 362




ECE 313 (also cross-listed as MATH 362) is an undergraduate course on probability theory and statistics with applications to engineering problems primarily chosen from the areas of communications, control, signal processing, and computer engineering.

EE and CompE students must complete one of the two courses ECE 313 or Stat 410.

Prerequisite : ECE 210

Exam times : See examinations page for exam times and mark your calendars.

Section Meeting time and place Instructor
X MTWRF, 6/10-8/1
12:00 PM - 12:50 PM
106 B1 Engineering Hall


Ji Zhu
e-mail: jizhu1 AT illinois dot edu
Office Hours: 3-5pm, Tuesdays
Loc: 330M Everitt Lab.
Teaching Assistants :
Mijail Gomez (gomez19 AT illinois dot edu) Office Hours: 5-6pm, Thursdays Loc: 330M Everitt Lab.
Luke Wendt (wendt1 At illinois dot edu) Office Hours: 4-5pm, Thursdays Loc: 330M Everitt Lab.

Text : Prof. Hajek's ECE 313 Course Notes (hardcopy sold through ECE Stores, pdf file available.)

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ANNOUNCE: Chapters covered in the final is updated online.

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