Spring 2019

Homework (MasterProbo Checkpoints)

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Link to MasterProbo.

We offer Concept Matrix as an alternative to MasterProbo Checkpoints this semester. There will be office hours dedicated to Concept certification, details of which will be posted after the first week of class. You will solve problems (with other students) during the office hour. We may adjust the number of office hours based on the certification load. Concept matrix problems will be posted after the homework deadline.

Each week you can choose to do MasterProbo Checkpoints or concept certification, and we will take the higher of the two scores.

Rule of thumb for choosing MasterProbo Checkpoints vs. Concept certification:

Past week concept matrix problems


Q: How do I access MasterProbo?

A: Follow the above link. Click "Register" button on the upper-right corner. Enter your NetID and a preferred password. You will receive an activation e-mail in your illinois mailbox. Follow the link to activate your account.

Q: What time of the day is each checkpoint due?

7pm of each Tuesday. The first deadline is Tue 1/29. The list of checkpoint dates are in the table on the main page.

Q: What do I do if MasterProbo says I am not enrolled?

A: If you enrolled recently, please e-mail masterprobos@gmail.com with [enrollment] in the subject line for timely response. See Enrollment issues for details.

Q: Can I go back to a previous week's module?

A: Yes, if you have not achieved mastery, you can practice at any time. But you can't increase your score for a given week after the deadline. The Past Problems tab is unlocked after each due date.

Q: Does receiving a probo mean I got full credit for that section?

A: No. It's one probo for each goal. A module (section) can have multiple probos (goals).

Q: Do I need to fill the bar to get full credit?

A: The bar indicates mastery. You do not need to fill the bar to get probos, but you are encouraged to achieve mastery. Will make life easier in later modules and exams.

Q: Does the proficiency number I see affect my grade?

A: No, it does not affect your grade. But it's a good way for you to keep track of where you are.

Q: What are probos?

A: Probos are points that are converted to homework grades at each checkpoint deadline: You receive 3 probos when you complete a module such as Counting.

Q: What will be my homework score if I only earned 6/8 probos for a checkpoint?

A: Your homework score will be pro-rated. For instance, the full score is 10, and you will receive 10*6/8 = 6.7 for this checkpoint.

Q: What are the checkpoint deadlines?

A: They are posted in the first column of the big table on the course home page. Generally speaking they are every Tuesday of the week.

Q: If I fall sick during a week and am unable to pass the checkpoint, can I ask for an extension?

A: Since we are dropping your three lowest scores, there will be no extension of deadlines.

Q: How is MasterProbo different from, say, WebAssign?

A: MasterProbo is a personalized learning tool that detects your weakness and tries to strengthen it.

Q: Do I still need to read the course notes now that we have MasterProbo?

A: You need to have the basic concepts to understand the problem. MasterProbo tries to improve your mathematical thinking, but you need to know what to think about.

Q: How many problems are there in each module?

A: The number of problems you will work on to reach proficiency varies. Generally speaking, if you solve a difficult problem, you gain more proficiency. However, it might not be the most time-efficient as you can get stuck on difficult problems. It is advised you start early.

Q: If I get stuck and SOS, will the TA give me the answer?

A: No, the TAs will give you hints to help you think, but they will not give you the answer.

Q: What should I do if MasterProbo says it has "run out of problems" and an SOS has been sent to the TA?

A: This happens when we run out of existing problems before you reach the target. The TA will make a new problem. It might take a while, but we try to respond as soon as possible. When the new problem is ready, you will see a notification in the message center on the upper right menu bar. You will also receive and email alert.

Q: When I click the "help available" link in the message center, MasterProbo talks about "taking a test". What should I do?

A: Follow the link and work on the test problem. If you give the correct answer, you will be certified to master the skill. If not, try to work out the problem on your own and you will get another problem.

Q: Some problems come with a timer. Can I ask for TA's help when the timer is running?

A: No, the TA will not help while the timer is running. MasterProbo is in the test mode while the timer is running. If you think you do not know the answer, you can simply enter a wrong answer and continue. MasterProbo will train you on prerequisite skills before coming back to the problem. This way you truly master the skill, instead of just knowing the answer to that particular problem.

Bug report while you are working on a problem:

For instance, if you need clarification on the wording, or a problem is not displayed correctly, the "report a problem" button on the upper-left corner is the best way to report such issues.

Other issues


Response might be delayed for e-mails without proper subject line.

1. Enrollment issues: please include [enrollment] in your subject line.

(e.g. you registered in the past few days and Master Probo says you're not enrolled)

For instance:

Subject: [enrollment] can't access Master Probo

2. Technical issues: please include [technical] in your subject line:

(e.g., server not responding, didn't receive activation e-mail)

For instance:

Subject: [technical] no activation e-mail.

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