Homework (MasterProbo Checkpoints)

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Link to MasterProbo.


Q: How do I access MasterProbo?

A: Follow the above link. Click "Register" button on the upper-right corner. Enter your NetID and a preferred password. You will receive an activation e-mail in your illinois mailbox. Follow the link to activate your account.

Q: What time of the day is each checkpoint due?

11:59pm of each Tuesday. The first deadline is Tue 1/30. The list of checkpoint dates are in the table on the course webpage.

Q: What do I do if MasterProbo says I am not enrolled?

A: If you enrolled recently, please e-mail masterprobos@gmail.com with [enrollment] in the subject line for timely response. See Enrollment issues for details.

Q: Can I go back to a previous week's module?

A: Yes, you can practice at any time. But you can't increase your score for a given week after the deadline.

Q: Will the red circle complete when I finish a module?

A: Yes. It will complete and the module will become yellow. More importantly, you should receive a message that awards you 3 probos for the module.

Q: What are probos?

A: Probos are points that are converted to homework grades at each checkpoint deadline:

  1. You receive 3 probos when you complete a module such as Counting.
  2. You receive 10 XP for each practice session you complete. Every 50 XPs are converted to 1 probo.

Q: Do I get bonus points if I earned 10/9 probos for a checkpoint?

A: You will receive full score for this checkpoint as soon as you receive 9/9 probos. No bonus point if you earned more than 9 probos.

Q: What will be my homework score if I only earned 6/8 probos for a checkpoint?

A: Your homework score will be pro-rated. For instance, the full score is 10, and you will receive 10*6/8 = 6.7 for this checkpoint.

Q: What are the checkpoint deadlines?

A: They are posted in the first column of the big table on the course home page. Generally speaking they are every Tuesday of the week.

Q: If I fall sick during a week and am unable to pass the checkpoint, can I ask for an extension?

A: Since we are dropping your three lowest scores, there will be no extension of deadlines.

Q: How is MasterProbo different from, say, WebAssign?

A: MasterProbo is a personalized learning tool that detects your weakness and tries to strengthen it.

Q: Do I still need to read the course notes now that we have MasterProbo?

A: You need to have the basic concepts to understand the problem... MasterProbo tries to improve your mathematical thinking, but you need to know what to think about.

Q: How many problems are there in each module?

A: The number of problems you will work on to reach proficiency varies. Generally speaking, if you solve a difficult problem, you gain more proficiency. However, it might not be the most time-efficient as you can get stuck on difficult problems. It is advised you start early.

Q: If I get stuck and SOS, will the TA give me the answer?

A: No, the TAs will give you personalized hints to help you think, but they will not give you the answer.

Bug report while you are working on a problem:

For instance, if you need clarification on the wording, or a problem is not displayed correctly, the "report a problem" button on the upper-left corner is the best way to report such issues.

Other issues


Response might be delayed for e-mails without proper subject line.

1. Enrollment issues: please include [enrollment] in your subject line.

(e.g. you registered in the past few days and Master Probo says you're not enrolled)

For instance:

Subject: [enrollment] can't access Master Probo

2. Technical issues: please include [technical] in your subject line:

(e.g., server not responding, didn't receive activation e-mail)

For instance:

Subject: [technical] no activation e-mail.

Technical support

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