Spring 2017

Homework (MasterProbo Checkpoints)

Final migration of MasterProbo

Up-to-date link to MasterProbo. Access is only open to students enrolled in Sections B, D and F.

Before you e-mail masterprobos@gmail, please go through this page thoroughly, especially the FAQs. Use proper headers in your e-mail (see "Other issues" below)

We are using a personalized learning tool, MasterProbo, this semester. It is your personal coach for probability. It is accessible from a web browser (see technical support below). If you spend a little time with MasterProbo every day, learning probability will be much more efficient and you will be in a great position for the exams.

MasterProbo organizes the course topics into modules. Each module has one or more exercises. You need to pass a weekly checkpoint by midnight each Sunday (Note the first checkpoint is on 1/29. The list of checkpoint dates are available in the table on the course webpage.) You will be awarded full credit (10 points) if you pass the checkpoint. If not, your score is equal to 10*(# exercises completed / total # exercises for this checkpoint). Only the top nine out of twelve scores will be used to compute your grade. Since we are dropping your three lowest scores, there will be no extension of deadlines.

The strength bar for a completed module might weaken over time depending on your performance on problem solving. It means the app has detected some concepts fading from your memory and it is a good time to refresh them. You can bring back your strength bar by going into the module and “strengthen”. You are encouraged to keep the strength bar at 100% so that you know you are up-to-speed! You are expected to be familiar with the basic concepts of the exercise before you start solving problems on MasterProbo. Going to the lecture or reading the notes will suffice. When you get stuck on a problem with MasterProbo, you will be prompted to go back to your notes before trying again. Remember you can also get help from problem-solving videos posted on the course webpage, as well as office hours of TAs and professors. You are encouraged to discuss the problem with a TA or professor.


  1. The more you work with MasterProbo, the better MasterProbo gets to know you. Try to get to the bottom of each question (by reading notes or talking to TA/professor) when you are stuck. You will learn most efficiently this way.
  2. Start early in the week. Concepts need time to consolidate in your mind. Spending a little time every day and keeping a streak will save a lot more time in the end.
  3. MasterProbo detects plagiarism behavior. You will hear from the teaching team if such behavior is detected.

Technical support

Desktops and Laptops

Mobile (not recommended)

Bug report while you are working on a problem:

For instance, if you need clarification on the wording, or a problem is not displayed correctly, the "report a problem" button on the upper-left corner is the best way to report such issues.

Other issues

Read FAQ first before you e-mail. Please include proper headers (see below) in your e-mail to


1. For enrollment issues, (e.g. you registered in the past few days and Master Probo says you're not enrolled) please include [enrollment] in your subject line.

For instance:

Subject: [enrollment] can't access Master Probo

2. For technical issues, (e.g., server not responding, didn't receive activation e-mail), please include [technical] in the subject line:

For instance:

Subject: [technical] no activation e-mail.

Response might be delayed for e-mails without the above headers.


Q: How do I access MasterProbo?

A: Follow the link at the beginning of this page. Click "Register" button on the upper-right corner. Enter your NetID and a preferred password. You will receive an activation e-mail in your illinois mailbox. Follow the link to activate your account.

Q: Can I go back to a previous week's module?

A: Yes, you are encouraged to strengthen it. But you can't increase your score for a given week after the deadline.

Q: Does the proficiency number I see affect my grade?

A: No, it does not affect your grade. But it's a good way for you to keep track of where you are.

Q: What are probos?

A: Probos are points that you can use towards some features later in the app. There are three ways you can earn probos:

  1. 3 probos for each module completed.
  2. A 10-day streak earns 1 probo. A 50-day streak eans 5 probos, etc.
  3. Every 100 XP milestone earns 1 probo.

Q: Why does my strength bar change from the last time I saw it? Is this a bug?

A: No, it is not a bug. Master Probo tries to predict your strength at a given time. It takes into account that newly acquired concepts need refreshing. That's why the strengthen button is there!