Notes for ECE313: Probability with Engineering Applications

Notes for ECE313: Probability with Engineering Applications

August 2014

This site provides the August 2014 release of the notes for ECE 313, Probability with Engineering Applications. They are somewhat different than versions used in previous semesters, so it is best for you to get this version. You can see the previous version on the Spring 2014 ECE 313 website. The notes are in the Adobe portable document format (PDF), and can be can be read from a Web browser by using the Acrobat Reader helper application, which is available for free downloading from Adobe. (Some downloaders have had difficulty with the fonts in the figures. If you have any problem, please let me know.) Here are two pages for inside the covers.

I welcome suggestions and comments from readers.

Permission is hereby given to freely print and circulate copies of these notes so long as the notes are left intact and not reproduced for commercial purposes.

B. Hajek
b-hajek at illinois dot edu