The Fall 2014 ECE 313 Grading Scheme

Grade Distribution Formula: Scores will be weighted as shown below to determine your total score, which in turn, will determine your grade.

Letter Grades: After computing each student's total score we find the mean m and the standard deviation s of the total scores. Letter grades are assigned using cut-offs that are based roughly on a mixture of
  • objective criteria (85% = A, 70% = B, 55% = C, etc.),

  • statistical criteria (above-average scores = B or better, etc.).

As a rough guideline, we intend to award
  • A's to scores greater than min(m+s,85)

  • B's to scores in the range min(m,70) to min(m+s,85),

  • C's to scores in the range min(m-s,55) to min(m,70)

  • D's to scores in the range max(m-2s,45) to min(m-s,55)

  • F's to scores below max(m-2s,45)

+ and - grades are typically awarded at the edges of the above cut-offs. The percentages of A's and B's awarded in ECE 313 are comparable to those awarded in 300-level required courses in the ECE Department.

Notes regarding grading practices

  • The reason for saying rough guideline is that we reserve the right to make minor adjustments (upwards or downwards) to each cut-off to avoid discriminating between students on the basis of very small differences in scores. If we must determine a given cut-off where there is no obvious gap in scores, we will be favorably influenced by strong performance on the final exam.

  • Regardless of your exam performance and the settings of the cut-offs, however, you will receive the same grade as everyone who has the same total score as you, and nobody who has a lower total score will receive a higher grade than you.