Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


ECE 310: Digital Signal Processing

Spring 2015


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Course Grade:


The final grade in the course will be determined by the following criteria:




Midterm Exams (3):


Final Exam:



You will be able to view your recorded scores on the exams and homeworks, as well as the course statistics and distribution, using Illinois Compass.



Midterm Exams:


There will be midterm exams starting February 19th. These exams will take place from 7:30 to 8:30 PM in TBD ECEB on February 19, March 12, April 9, and April 30Note that you are only permitted to take 3 of the 4 quizzes. There will be no makeup/conflict quizzes.  You decide which quizzes to take, and these three will be included in your total score; simply show up to three quizzes, and those will be counted.  We will not grade a fourth quiz from you. In fact, if you take four quizzes, you are violating course policy. There is no need to seek guidance from the course staff, should you need to miss a quiz due to illness, travel, conflict or any other reasons; in this case, you know which three quizzes you will take. If you need to miss more than one quiz (and only in this circumstance), please see one of the instructors As these quizzes count toward a significant portion of your grade, and the dates are now known to you and everyone in the course, please plan any travel dates accordingly.

Quiz Date Practice Exams Room Assignements (Alphabetically by last name) Solution
1 2/19 7:30pm practice1, practice2, practice3
  • A-H: DCL 1310
  • J-M: Everitt 165
  • N-S: Transportation 112
  • T-Z: Transporation 114
2 3/12 7:30pm practice1, practice2, practice3, practice4           ECEB Grainger Auditorium pdf
3 4/9 7:30pm

practice1, practice2, practice3, practice 4

(DTFT & sampling review)

  • A-D: ECEB 2015 
  • F-L: ECEB 1013 
  • M-V: ECEB 1015 
  • W-Z: ECEB 3015 
4 4/30 7:30pm             ECEB Grainger Auditorium pdf


Final Exam:

For the final exam, you will officially be allowed 4 sheets (8.5x11) of handwritten notes (front and back). It is important that these sheets be HANDWRITTEN, not computer printouts, miniaturized copies, scanned, or otherwise. Anything that does not conform to these rules will not be allowed and if you are in possession of any such materials, you will be deemed as having violated the course honor code.

Final Exam: 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM, May 14th 2015   (ASL 150 and MH 103)




A-L: ASL 150

M-Z: MH 103       



How to get there: ASL (Animal Sciences Laboratory) and MH (Mumford Hall) are next to each other just south of Gregory Drive ( We will assign your exact room at a later date. On the morning of the exam, please make time to travel to this part of campus!!

Conflict Final Exam: 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM, May 14th 2015  (ECEB 2017)

Taking the Conflict Exam: Please read the rules about taking a conflict exam at .

If you are eligible and wish to take the Conflict exam, request the instructors' approval by email no later than April 15. In your email list the detailed schedule for the exams/courses with which you have a conflict, and the relevant criteria from the rules above, which make you eligible to take the ECE 310 Conflict Final Exam, rather than the conflict exam in another course.