Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


ECE 310: Digital Signal Processing

Summer 2015


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Course Grade:


The final grade in the course will be determined by the following criteria:


Homeworks (7):


Quizzes (5):


Midterm Exam:


Final Exam:



You will be able to view your recorded scores on the exams and homeworks, as well as the course statistics and distribution, using Illinois Compass.





Homework will be assigned on Tuesday before lecture, beginning in the first week of class. Assignments will be due the following Tuesday at the beginning of lecture, after which, they will be considered late. Homework assignments will assess understanding of material taught in the same week in which are assigned.



There will be weekly quizzes on Wednesdays during the first 30 minutes of class, excepting the week of the midterm exam and the first and last weeks of class, totaling five quizzes. The quizzes will cover the material from the previous homework assignment and will be similar in scope and difficulty to the homework problems. If you understand each of these problems and their solution, then the quizzes should be relatively straightforward.



Midterm Exam:


There will be one midterm, which will take place in class on Wednesday, July 15th. It will cover material from the first 4 weeks of the class.  







Final Exam:

For the final exam, you will officially be allowed 4 sheets (8.5x11) of handwritten notes (front and back). It is important that these sheets be HANDWRITTEN, not computer printouts, miniaturized copies, scanned, or otherwise. Anything that does not conform to these rules will not be allowed and if you are in possession of any such materials, you will be deemed as having violated the course honor code.

Final Exam: August 8th, 8 - 10 am, Location: 1013 ECEB


Taking the Conflict Exam: Please read the rules about taking a conflict exam at .

If you are eligible and wish to take the Conflict exam, request the instructors' approval by email no later than (TBD). In your email list the detailed schedule for the exams/courses with which you have a conflict, and the relevant criteria from the rules above, which make you eligible to take the ECE 310 Conflict Final Exam, rather than the conflict exam in another course.

Old Exams:
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