ECE 205: Introduction to Electric and Electronic Circuits

Topic Video
Charge and Current Lec-1
Voltage, Ground, and Power Sources Lec-2
Resistors, Ohm's Law, Series/Parallel Lec-3
KVL/KCL and Voltage/Current Division Lec-4
Formal Network Analysis (node voltage) Lec-5
Node Voltage Analysis (Examples) Lec-6
Loop Current Analysis and Source Transforms Lec-7
Thevenin and Norton Theorems Lec-8
Thevenin Equivalent Continued Lec-9
Complex Numbers Lec-10
Capacitors and Inductors Lec-11
R-C Circuits Lec-12
RC/RL Circuits continued Lec-13
R-L Circuits Lec-14
RC Circuits - Detailed Analysis Lec-15
Circuit Analysis using Phasors Lec-16
Circuit Analysis using Phasors - Examples Lec-17
AC steady state power Lec-18
Maximum Power Transfer Lec-19
Maximum Power Transfer Contd. Lec-20
Second Order Circuits - Transient Analysis Lec-21
Second Order Circuits - Transient Analysis contd. Lec-22
Frequency Response Lec-23
Frequency Response Lec-24
Operational Amplifiers Lec-25
OpAmps Contd. Lec-26
OpAmps Contd. Lec-27
P-N Junction Diodes Lec-28
Diodes Contd. Lec-29
Diodes Contd. -
Introduction to BJT's Lec-31
BJT Examples Lec-32
BJT Examples Contd. Lec-33
Binary Logic and Logic Gates Lec-34
Logic Gates Using BJT's Lec-35