ECE 205: Introduction to Electric and Electronic Circuits

TA: Ali Abavisani Chetna Malhotra Kregg Castillo Kyle Michal Lang Wang Siyao Guo Yaofeng Cheng

Labs will begin during the week of 01/29-02/02

Lab 1 (Week 3) Orientation and Battery Evaluation

Lab Policies and Report Grading (.PDF) (download pdf)
Battery Evaluation (.PDF) (download pdf)
Example Lab Report (.DOCX) (download docx)

Lab 2 (Week 5) Regulators

Regulators (.PDF) (download pdf)
Breadboarding Tutorial (.PDF) (download pdf)
LM317 Datasheet (.PDF) (download pdf)

Lab 3 (Week 8) NE-555 Timer, R-C Circuits, and Oscilloscope

NE-555 Timer (.PDF) (download pdf)
NE-555 Timer Datasheet (TI) (.PDF) (download pdf)
NE-555 Timer Datasheet (ST) (.PDF) (download pdf)

Lab 4 (Week 9) RMS

RMS measurements (.PDF) (download pdf)

Lab 5 (Week 12 - Week of April 2nd) Filters and Op-Amps

Filters and Op-Amps (.PDF) (download pdf)
TL071/2/4 Op-Amp Datasheet (.PDF) (download pdf)

Lab 6 (Week 14) Diodes + BJT

Diodes and BJT (.PDF) (download pdf)
See also, 2N2222 Datasheet (.PDF)(download pdf)