Lab Files
Attend laboratories beginning Monday, February 3, 2020.
See the Lab Schedule for more information.
No Lab Meeting: Until Monday, February 3, 2020

Lab 1: Getting Started with Electronics
Lab 2: Resistor Networks for Speed Control
Lab Procedures Modules Extra Content
Recording Measurements 004: Plotting with Python (can be done at home) Power Supply Manual
Lab 2 Prelab 005: Arduino Analog Inputs (can be done at home) Multimeter Manual
Lab 2 Procedures 001, 002, and 003 are alternatives Lab2 Overview Video
Lab 3: Switched-Resistor Speed Control
Lab 4: Voltage-Divider-Based Motor Speed
Lab 5: Pulsed-Motor Speed Control
Lab 6: Improved Motor Characterization
Lab 7: PWM Speed Control
Lab 8: Coupling Balance with Speed Control
Lab 9: Autonomous and Elegant!
Lab Procedures Modules Extra Content
Lab 9 Prelab 302 Schmitt Trigger IV Lab 9 Overview Video
Lab 9 Procedures 920
Unit 2 Report
Lab 10: Project Proposal
Lab 11: Explore More! and Project Progression
Lab 12: Explore More! and Project Progression

The following is a rough outline of the contents of the ECE110 Electronics Kit available from the ECE Supply Center beginning on Friday, August 24:

This kit is somewhat reduced in content and also reduced in price from previous semesters.