Honors Section

Overview See Piazza posts for details!

This semester, ECE 110 together with ECE 120 will offer a joint honors lab section for James Scholar students who want to receive Honors credit (no credit hours, however) in either ECE 110 or ECE 120. In this honors lab section, students from both ECE 110 and 120 will work together in small groups to propose, prototype and demo design projects. The students will meet for 1 hour each week in the lab and will receive mentorship from undergraduate course assistants (who are alumni of the honors lab section.)

You may see current Honors website at https://wiki.illinois.edu/wiki/display/ECE110HLSF15/


  • To participate in the honors lab section, you should be a James Scholar or working to become a James Scholar. The latter requires specific approval from Prof. Schmitz. Your personal James Scholar information may be viewed at http://my.engr.illinois.edu/james-scholar. For more information about the James Scholar program, visit http://engineering.illinois.edu/academics/undergraduate/honors.html
  • You must attend lab for 1 hour per week between 6pm and 8pm each Tuesday or between 6pm and 8pm each Thursday in room 1001 ECEB. If you cannot attend the same hour each week, you cannot participate in the honors lab section.
  • To particiapte in the honors lab section attend the one of the introductory meetings. These meetings will be announced on Piazza early in the semester.
  • To register for James Scholar honors credit, you must use an Honors Credit Learning Agreement (HCLA) available at the information sessions for College of Engineering students. The course staff will take these to the instructor for signatures and deliver them to 206 EH for you. Students in other colleges may submit an online HCLA form to their instructor if their college allows.
  • To receive honors credit in ECE 110 at the end of semester, you must present your design project to Prof. Schmitz and your ECE 110 grade must be B- or higher. No honors credit will be given for agreements completed in courses taken on a credit/no credit grading basis. 

If you have questions about the procedure, contact the undergraduate teaching assistant who serves as the head of the honors lab section (information on Piazza). If you have questions about joining, contact Prof. Schmitz (cdschmit@illinois.edu).