Spring 2019


Homework is due most Fridays at 3 PM!

PrairieLearn Homework rules:

Each problem is worth 1 to 3 points. To get three points, you will need to solve the same problem two or three times correctly. If you answer correctly the first try, you earn one point for that try and your next attempt will earn 2 points for a correct attempt. If you make a mistake on the second try, a correct third attempt will net only 1 more point and a fourth attempt will be necessary.

Why do we do it this way? We need you to learn to be careful in your assessments. Work carefully on paper and learn to work algebraically whenever possible so that you can see the solution from the expert point-of-view. This will also enable you to plug numbers from the regenerated problem into an algebraic solution in order to answer follow-up attempts easily and without error.

We apologize, but generation of a pdf format of PrairieLearn assignments is not practical.