Lecture Answers
Spring 2019
PDF of the Lecture Slides Handouts
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Lecture Answers

Answers to the problems in most of the lecture slides will be posted here.

Prof. Gruev's marked slides with answers.

About the Friday Workshops

Friday workshops are offered in different installments throughout the semester. This is a purely optional session hosted by one of the ECE110 professors at one of the "regular" lecture times. During the session, this is what you might expect:
  • Students might recieve a handout with multiple-choice exam problems from past exams selected from recent lecture topics.
  • Students would be allowed some time to work on a subset of these problems...either alone as in an exam setting or with your neighbors as you work to understand the material better.
  • The instructor will use i>clicker to tally student answers and spend time addressing common mistakes and good tactics for addressing these problems in the future.
The feedback for these sessions has been very positive in the past and we hope to offer them throughout the semester as time and lecture space allows.

On some days, the Friday Workshop will likely explore the parts in the ECE110 Electronics Kit and the professor can guide you through interesting circuits that can be constructed using these parts.