How many images fit?
Spring 2019
Signal and Noise
Image capacity of a hard drive
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Pre-Requisite Knowledge
How many images fit on the hard drive?
For the given sizes of image, how many image files will fit on the given hard drive?
Approximately how many "raw" format 12-megapixel (\(12 \cdot 10^6\) pixels/image) images can be stored in 9 GB (\( \approx 9 \cdot 10^9\) Bytes) of storage, if 24 bits (three colors, 8 bits per color) are stored for every pixel? Hint: 1 Byte = 8 bits
What is a "raw" image?
Part 1
Arrange quantities
Dimensional Analysis
\( \frac{9 \cdot 10^9 \cdot 8}{12 \cdot 10^6 \cdot 24}=250 \)
Multiply everything together, respecting units, to get the answer. note that our answer is bigger than 1.