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This is week-by-week links and information on hands-on activities, often utilizing the hardware in your ECE 110 Electronics Kit. It is provided in a quasi-calendar format to help you determine at-a-glance what you should be focusing on each week.


ECE 110 is not your ordinary circuits intro course. While covering basic circuit theory and circuit analysis with a first-year approach, it also explores semiconductor devices (diodes and transistors), circuit logic, circuit design, and as time allows, other concepts in Electrical Engineering like Sampling and Quantization. Instead of requiring multiple textbooks to cover these concepts, ECE 110 has developed their own concise text to cover the basic elements (what you must have) and uses reference texts to allow you to utilize optional resources to strengthen your knowledge base as needed.


In a true calendar format, the entire semester is presented (without the lab detail which is in the Lab tab) to allow you to keep on track with which lecture is current and which quizzes are up-and-coming. You will also find links to the homework which has a PrarieLearn and a GradeScope component. Be sure to do both!

Contact (and Office Hours)

How do you make contact with TAs or Instructors? You can find us in office hours, labs, discussion boards, or even just fire off an email to us. You will be able to find the names of the TAs for your specific lab section under this tab.