Join the Staff!

Volunteer Now, Join Later!

The ECE110 staff has a need for perhaps as many as 10 new students each semester. The number of requests often tops 140 very intelligent and capable students. How do we decide to hire?

You need to set yourself apart! To put yourself in the best position for consideration you can:

  • Talk to your instructor before/after class.
  • Join the ECE110 Student Feedback Committee.
  • Consider joining the Honors project.
  • Do homework during office hours to assist others and get to know the current staff.
  • Provide regular feedback about the things you do and don't like about the course via the online Muddy Points form.
  • Be active in providing new posts and initiating good discussions on the ECE110 Blog.
  • Go above-and-beyond in the lab by completing all the modules and providing feedback.
  • Use your command of the course material to complete a project that is unusual or elegant.
If you are clearly providing something beneficial to the class now, it will be more clear how you can benefit the class in the future!

Did you impress your lab or honors TA with great effort and terrific results? Did you demonstrate an interest in helping your peers? Did you demonstrate strong communication skills and accurate use of technical terminology when working with other students, undergraduate course aides, your TAs, or your instructors? If so, ask that/those persons for a recommendation in favor of hiring you to be sent to the course direction, Prof. Schmitz.

Prof. Schmitz will look through the recommendations and request additional information and/or followup interviews with those he feels may best fill the needs of the course.

Ask that your recommendation letter be sent to

Ask that it include

  • Your name and netID
  • A description of your interaction.
  • A description of where your skills might be best utilized in ECE110.