Fall 2017

August 02, 2017

Welcome to ECE 110 Fall 2017

This site will provide important information about ECE 110 for this semester. Attend lectures and laboratories. Lecture 1 meets on Monday, August 28. Lab 1 meets at your scheduled time between Monday, August 28 and Friday, September 1. Please be aware that most sections are full and the demand for this course is high, so do not accidentally drop your section unless you simultaneously pick up another! See you in class!

August 02, 2017

Arduino Uno

ECE 110 utilizes, on occassion, the Arduino Uno (or an appropriate clone). As long as your board is equiped with a barrel adaptor for power and has both a 5-V output and a Vin (pass-through voltage), your board should be sufficient for the minimum course needs. If you forget your board at home or do not own one, the RedBoard and USB cable are avaible at the ECE Supply Center for roughly $20. The ECE110 Electronics kit is also required and will cost around $100. The textbook is provided online free of charge as we work to keep the cost of this lab course in line with most other courses.