CS 598tar

Sensing in Social Spaces

The project will be chosen by each group within the first three weeks of class. The class web page will offer suggestions on possible projects. Groups are encouraged to come up with their own ideas. Project title, abstract, and member list is due February 7th.


Each group will schedule a 20 min periodic meeting (twice a month) with the instructor to discuss progress and problems on their project of interest.


Each group will prepare a two page project proposal. The proposals are to be submitted to the instructor by February 23rd. The proposal should include a problem formulation, any initial results or rationale, and a list of proposed milestones for the rest of the semester.


Each group is responsible for a short project presentation in class (April 4th -11th). The presentation will allow others to critique the initial results and current state of the project and give constructive feedback to group members.


Final project presentations will be conducted by each group in a “Research Day” at the end of the semester.


Final project reports are due the week of finals. The report follows the standard technical paper format.


Successful projects should result in a conference-quality paper.