CS598DM Data Mining Capstone (Spring 2018)

Instructor: ChengXiang Zhai
Teaching Assistant: Sheng Wang
Time & Place: This is an online course offered exclusively for the online MCS-DS Program

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Note: This page provides basic information to help students decide whether they would be interested in taking the course. More up-to-date information about the course is available on the Course Piazza Forum .

About the Course

The Data Mining Capstone course provides an opportunity for those students who have already taken multiple topic courses in the general area of data mining to further extend their knowledge and skills of data mining through both reading recent research papers and working on an open-ended real-world data mining project. (Note: You should complete Introduction to Data Mining and Text Information Systems before beginning this course.) The course contains two synergistic components to be offered in parallel, a capstone project and an online seminar. In the online seminar, the students would collaboratively learn about frontier data mining research topics by reading, discussing, and presenting recent research papers in data mining and related areas. In the capstone project, the students would learn how to apply data mining techniques to solve real-world data mining challenges by working on an open-ended exploratory project that involves the use of learned algorithms and techniques in previous topic courses in data mining to analyze and mine real world data sets for discovery of useful knowledge. The two components are synergistic in that the new algorithms learned from the research papers through the seminar component can be potentially applied to the data mining project, which would further help students solidify the understanding of the new algorithms; students are encouraged to pursue such opportunities to integrate the two course components.