CS573 - Algorithms - Fall 2014

Practice Problems are entirely for your benefit (and enjoyment, naturally); similar questions will appear in every homework. Don't turn in solutions for them, we'll not grade them, but feel free to ask us about practice questions during office hours and review sessions. Think of them as potential exam questions (hint, hint!).

Make sure to read Homeworks FAQ before starting homeworks.
Solutions and grades are going to be posted to moodle.
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0 hw_0.pdf  hw_0.tex hw 0 - pract
1 hw_1.pdf  hw_1.tex hw 1 - pract
2 hw_2.pdf  hw_2.tex hw 2 - pract
Randomized algorithms
3 hw_3.pdf  hw_3.tex flow
4 hw_4.pdf  hw_4.tex
5 hw_5.pdf  hw_5.tex
6 hw_6.pdf  hw_6.tex

Practice problems

  1. Misc - FFT, Union find.
  2. Entropy.
  3. Randomization.

You will also need the file 573.sty to latex the homework file.
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