Advanced Computer Networks
cs 538 fall 2013

Information for I2CS Online Students

Office hours

We conduct office hours and other online interactions via Google Hangouts, which is a convenient group video chat service. Please send your Google account name to the course staff so we can add you to the group membership and authorize you to join office hour hangouts.

The TA's weekly office hours will be online by default: You can simply drop in and join the hangout at the scheduled weekly time (you should receive an invite or notification on Google). The instructor's office hours are also available for use by online students, but please drop an email to the instructor first so we can create the hangout. Scheduled office hours are posted on the main course web page.

If you have any problems with these arrangements — timing, or Hangouts not working for you — just let us know. We are available by appointment. In addition to Hangouts, we can usually chat on Skype, phone, or text chat (e.g. gtalk).

In-class presentations

Our on-campus students give two presentations of their research projects: a midterm presentation and a final poster presentation.

For online students, we provide the opportunity to do the same, so you get a chance to show your research to the whole class, take questions, and get feedback. As with office hours, we will use Google Hangouts for this. We'll set up a hangout at the appointed time, during the regular scheduled class lecture time. You can join, and then use the screen sharing function to deliver a presentation.

If you are unable to attend at that time, we'll schedule an alternate time for you to present to the course staff.


For the research project, like on-campus students, we encourage you to work in a group but you may work alone if you prefer. Check Piazza for the thread on Introductions and project teammates where you can introduce yourself and find a project partner.