Advanced Computer Networks
Special Topics

In the last few lectures, we will cover several special topics that we collectively select. Below are some example topics and papers covered in past semesters. Among the many other topics we could cover are:

DateTopicExample readings and notes
Wireless coding

ZigZag Decoding: Combating Hidden Terminals in Wireless Networks (Gollakota, SIGCOMM 2008)

Efficient Error Estimating Coding (Chen, SIGCOMM 2010)

Delay and disruption tolerant networks (DTN) Routing in a Delay Tolerant Network (Jain, SIGCOMM 2004)
Botnets and Spam

End-to-end analysis of the spam value chain (Levchenko, IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy 2011) Measuring and Fingerprinting Click-Spam in Ad Networks (Dave, Guha, and Zhang, SIGCOMM 2012)

Spamalytics: An Empirical Analysis of Spam Marketing Conversion (Kanich, CACM 2009), Show me the money (Kanich, USENIX Security 2011)

Content-centric networks

Data-Oriented Network Architecture (Koponen, SIGCOMM 2007)

Networking Named Content (Jacobson, CoNEXT 2009)

Information flow control

Securing Distributed Systems with Information Flow Control (Zeldovich, NSDI 2008)

Overlay & peer-to-peer networks

Chord (Stoica, SIGCOMM 2001)

Resilient Overlay Networks (Anderson, SOSP 2001), Minimizing Churn (Godfrey, SIGCOMM 2006), Sybil-proof DHT (Lesniewski-Laas, NSDI 2010), Dynamo: Amazon's highly available key-value store (DeCandia, SOSP 2007), i3 (Stoica, SIGCOMM 2002), OpenDHT (Rhea, SIGCOMM 2005), UIA (Ford, OSDI 2006)

Internet measurement

Internet Inter-Domain Traffic (Labovitz, SIGCOMM 2010), California Fault Lines (Turner, SIGCOMM 2010), Delayed Internet Routing Convergence (Labovitz, ToN 2001), Impact of Routing Events (Wang, SIGCOMM 2006), Reverse traceroute (Katz-Bassett, NSDI 2010), Broadband Internet performance: a view from the gateway (Sundaresan, SIGCOMM 2011)