CS 533 Parallel Computer Architectures

Spring 2018

Course Project Info


Project Proposals

Due In Class

Format: One page with the title, names of the team members (3 is best), and explanation of what you want to do

Specify if you will need accounts in a parallel machine, and if so, where?

Example Topics:

Examples from SPRING 2011:

Examples from SPRING 2010:

Examples from SPRING 2009:

Examples from SPRING 2008:

Examples from SPRING 2005:

Examples from SPRING 2004:

Examples from SPRING 2002:



One possibility is SESC, a multiprocessor simulator that you can use for your projects. Enjoy it!


Project Midterm Reports:

Due in Class

These are some guidelines for the CS533 midterm project report:

- About 8-10 pages

- Describe:

  1. Problem you are addressing
  2. How you solve it
  3. What you have done so far
  4. What you plan to do until the final report
Please note that the project midterm report is a non-neglible part of your grade.


Final project:

The Report is Due after classes finish

Build on top of the midterm report. Use the same structure. Think of it as a conference paper.

In addition, we will have one session of final project presentations. Each team will present for 15 minutes. Please bring a laptop with your presentation. Please be on time and do not take more than the allotted time. Expect a couple of questions at the end.

Students are encouraged to attend the presentations of all the other students.