CS 533 Parallel Computer Architectures

Spring 2018

Tentative Reading List. We may add/change some papers

1) Cache Coherence and Scalability:

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2) Memory Consistency Models:

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3) Prefetching and Forwarding:

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4) Synchronization:

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5) Multithreading:

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6) Multiple Processors on a Chip:

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7) Speculative Parallelization and Execution:

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8) Processor and Memory Integration:

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9) Reliability:

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10) Interaction of Operating Systems with Architecture:

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11) Message Passing Architectures:

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12) Dataflow Architectures:

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13) Systolic Architectures:

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14) Data-Parallel Architectures:

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15) Cache-Only Memory Architectures:

15) Cache-Only Memory Architecture