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Presentations: Student-led presentations start 2/16/21.

All students must sign up for a presenter or a scriber slot. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Once you have signed up for a slot, you have to do fulfill your responsibilities, even if you decide to drop the class.

    By February 4, 5.30 pm, sign up for a presentation slot (from below, on the dates starting 2/16): Each slot needs three students: 2 presenters and 1 scriber. When you sign up, make sure you sign up for the role you wanted. Responsibilities below. If there is no scriber signed up for your slot, the 2 presenters are responsible for fulfilling all scriber responsibilities (you will get a discount later when you can skip some reviews).

Presenters present one paper each from the ''Main Papers'' (Decide among yourselves how to partition the papers. Do a coordinated presentation please!). If you have time you can also cover a few of the ''Additional Readings''.

Scriber must summarize Piazza questions, add their own questions/discussion points, lead discussion on both papers, and write 1 page summary of discussion on Piazza and in class. (Needless to say, scribe needs to read both papers ahead of class).

To sign up for a presentation slot, please use the Google form to specify your preferred sessions (you don't need to specify presenter or scribe). We will assign the roles in a FIFO way (you will get your most preferable session that is still available). Please note that papers for each session were selected carefully, and thus the selections are non-negotiable!

Reviews: Reviews are due starting 2/16 only. Reviews are due at 5 PM the day BEFORE the class session (so Mon night or Tue night). This will give sufficient time to the session scriber to summarize discussion questions, and be prepared for it. Unless you are a presenter/scriber for a session, you MUST submit reviews for BOTH ''Main Papers'' papers in class.

DO NOT skip reviews for a session unless you are already signed up for a presentation or scribe for that session. Each session (lecture) review must be comprised of reviews for the two Main Papers.

O Tips for Presentations and Reviews

O What to Do for Each Class (February 16 onwards)

Instructions for presentation sessions (discussed in class): 

Note: Some papers may be accessible from only inside the CS department.

Your work (presentations and reviews) should be original and independent. If you reuse slides from someone else's presentation, please acknowledge them. The standard university policies on original work, cheating and attribution apply to these presentations.

A final note to all: You are encouraged to read ahead of the class, especially if you find one (or more) topics that interest you enough to want to do a project and write a paper on. Read ahead not only the main papers but also the Optional papers in each session. As a tip, some of the more interesting topics occur in the second half of the course. Finally, there are many sessions which we are unable to cover due to the limited time - these topics are listed at the bottom of the Course Schedule page, typically prefixed with a "Leftover" tag - these are all great project areas!

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