Presentation Schedule // CS 525: Advanced Distributed Systems // Spring 2014

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Main Papers

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Must-see Papers if your Project overlaps with the area.

1/21 Indy


Introduction See topic "Spreading the Rumor" below
1/23 Indy


Before, There Were Clouds

You can join the Googlegroups on Cloud Computing

1/28 Indy


Cloud Computing Continued




P2P Systems


Last day to sign up for a presentation slot (2/13/14 through ends of semester). Two presenters per slot only. To sign up, you must come to Indy's office hours.

Instructions for Presentations and Reviews

2/4 Indy


P2P Systems (contd.)


2/6 Indy



Basic Distributed Algorithms Fundamentals and Sensor Networks








Key-value Stores and NoSQL

Others: MongoDB


2/13  Shayan Saeed && Nick Ciaglia

[Paxos slides - Indy]

[Paper slides]

Paxos and Commiting Please don't review the first paper

Student Presentations and Reviews Start - See Instructions

(Review these) - Student Presenters will present these


2/18 Atul Bohara && Mohammad Naveed


Cloud Programming  


2/20 Le Xu && Wenting Wang

[Borealis slides] [DStreams slides]

Stream Processing
2/25  Junle Qian && Jianxiong Gao

[Eiger slides][Transaction chains slides]

Strong Guarantees  



2/27 John Bellessa && Chris Cai

[CloudScale slides] [Starfish slides]


Project Survey Report due, 11.59 pm [12pt font, single-sided, 3 pages for main material + 1 page Business plan if applicable + any number of pages for references] (In groups of 2-3)

Instructions for Survey and its Submission

3/4 Joey Zhou && Son Nguyen

[MemC3 slides] [Facebook slides]

Store it in the Cloud: 1


3/6 Shubho Banerjee

[OpenStack slides]



3/11 Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi && Gaurav Khaneja

[IOFlow slides] [Rhea slides]

Store it in the Cloud: 2  
3/13 Mohammad Ahmad && Santosh Prabhu


A Touch of Sensor Nets
3/18 Mayank Pundir && Shaadi Abdollahian


Graph Processing  






3/20 Gopal Holla && Vikas Mallapura

[Tail at Scale] [Small is better]

Latency is King





Spring Vacation - No Class.







Spring Vacation - No Class.




4/1 Westin Panther && Shegufta Ahsan
There's a P2P App for That
4/3 Manoj Kumar && Mahanth Gowda
[Camdoop slides] [TAG slides]
Process it In-network

Project Midterm Report due, 11.59 pm [12pt font, single-sided, 8 pages for main material + 1 page Business plan if applicable + any number of pages for references] (In groups of 2-3)

Instructions for Midterm and its Submission

4/8 Indy
How does it Really Behave?


4/10 Indy
Low Fees Required - Probabilistic Membership




Midterm Reviews due, 11.59 PM

Midterm Review Form

4/15 Jeremy Lamps && Read Sprabery
Cluster Scheduling and Management
4/17 Jatin Gupta && Rajath Subramaniam
[Privacy preserving slides] [Load imbalance slides]


4/22 Ruisheng Shi && Shy-Yauer Lin
[Scale up/out slides] [Straggler slides]
MapReduce Redux



4/24 Rakesh Kumar && Phuong Nguyen
[Google traces slides] [Facebook slides]
So Much Data!  


4/29 Wenyu Ren && Ting-Yu Wang
[PBBF slides] [Bimodal multicast]

Spreading the Rumor

5/1 Indy
How do Networks Look?



5/6 Indy


Completing the Circle

(No reviews required for the following papers. Paper copies for offline papers were handed out during previous lecture.)

  • R. Hoffmann, "Why buy that theory?", 2003
  • R. P. Feynman, "Metaplast Corp."


May 9 (Friday)
Poster/Demo Session 1 pm - 4 pm in 2405 Siebel + 2nd Floor Atrium
(Posters Required for all Projects. Demos mandatory for Entrepreneurial projects, recommended for Research Projects. Total 10% of course grade.)
May 11 (Sunday)

Project Final Report due, 11.59 pm [12pt font, single-sided, 12 pages for main material + 1 page Business plan if applicable + any number of pages for references] (In groups of 2-3)

(Deadline is Hard and final, no extensions!)

Instructions for Final Report and its Submission


The following sessions are a rich source of ideas and directions for your projects - mine them! We could not include them in the course schedule due to the limited time.



Energy-Efficient Design



(You can't sign up yet for this slot)


Leftover   In Byzantium
Leftover   Geo-Distribution


Old Wine: Stale or Vintage?


Leftover   Publish-Subscribe/CDNs


Distributed Monitoring and  Management


Leftover   Green Clouds
Leftover   Distributed Debugging


Leftover   Flash!  
Leftover   The Middle or the End?

(review any one of the following 3 papers)


Leftover   Availability-Aware Systems

(read the papers, but no reviews required for this session)

Leftover   Design Methodologies, Handling Stress

(No class today, but if you submitted a review on time, you can skip one of the remaining review sessions)

Leftover   Sources of unreliability in networks


Leftover    A Step Back 


Leftover   Distributed Management (2)  
Leftover   Handling Stress
Leftover   Selfish algorithms   
Leftover   Security
Leftover   Economic Theory
Leftover   The future of sensor nets?
Leftover   P2P - Etc.  
Leftover   The End-to-End Approach
Leftover   Automatic Computing and Inference
Leftover   Modular Systems  
Leftover   Practical theory perspectives  
Leftover    Topology and Naming
Leftover   Classical Algorithms  
Leftover   Caching


Note: The Spring 2014 schedule has roughly 43% new papers (38/88) compared to the last version of CS525 (SP13).

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