Instructions on Reviews and Presentations // CS 525: Advanced Distributed Systems // Spring 2011

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Presentations: Student-led presentations start 2/10, first batch runs 2/10 through 3/10.

    By January 31, 5 pm, sign up for a presentation slot (from below, on the dates 2/10 through 3/10 only): Form groups of 2, or discuss with Indy at one of his office hours (see course front web page). To sign up for a presentation slot, you have to meet Indy during one of his office hours (email will not be accepted). See the table below for a list of available topics. For your Topic of interest, if the "Presenters, Slides and Reviews" link for that topic's row (see table below) is empty or has a "& ??" on it, that topic is still available!

Reviews: Reviews are due starting 2/10 only. You have to submit reviews for only 15 lectures (sessions), counting from 2/10 until the 4/28 (both inclusive). Each session (lecture) review must be comprised of reviews for any two papers from among the "Main Papers" for that session. For more information, see below.

O Tips for Presentations and Reviews

O What to Do for Each Class (February 10 onwards)

Instructions for presentation sessions (discussed in class): 

Note: Some papers may be accessible from only inside the CS department.

Your work (presentations and reviews) should be original and independent. If you reuse slides from someone else's presentation, please acknowledge them. The standard university policies on original work, cheating and attribution apply to these presentations.

A final note to all: You are encouraged to read ahead of the class, especially if you find one (or more) topics that interest you enough to want to do a project and write a paper on. As a tip, some of the more interesting topics occur in the second half of the course.

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