Presentation Schedule // CS 525: Advanced Distributed Systems // Spring 2011

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Main Papers

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Must-see Papers if your Project overlaps with the area.

1/18 Indy

[ppt slides]

Introduction See topic "Epidemics" below
1/20 Indy

[ppt slides]

Before, There Were Clouds

Join Googlegroups on Cloud Computing

1/25 Indy

[ppt slides]

Cloud Computing Continued
1/27 Indy

[ppt slides]

P2P Systems

See topic "Overlays and DHTs" below

2/1 Indy

[ppt slides-1] [ppt slides-2]


P2P Systems (contd.) and Basic Distributed Computing Concepts


2/3 Indy

[ppt slides]

Sensor Networks



2/8 Two Guest Speakers

[slide set 1] [slide set 2]


"Entrepreneurship at Illinois"


2/10 Mark Overholt & Matt Trower

[reviews] [slides]

Overlays and DHTs

Student Presentations and Reviews Start - See Instructions

2/15 Long Kai & Andrew Harris

[reviews] [slides]

Cloud Programming


2/17 Muntasir Raihan Rahman & Anupam Das

[reviews] [slides]

Cloud Scheduling  
2/22 Shen Li & Tony Huang

[reviews] [slides]

Key-Value Stores  
2/24 Ankit Singla and Chi-Yao Hong

[reviews] [slides]

Storage  - 1



Project Survey Report due, 11.59 pm [12pt font, single-sided, 3 + 1 pages max] (In groups of 2-3)

Wiki Term Paper - First Draft Due (Individual)

Instructions for Survey and its Submission

3/1 Rachit Agarwal & Lewis Tseng

[slides] [reviews]

Sensor Net Routing
3/3 Harshitha Menon & Nipun Sehrawat

[reviews] [slides]

Storage - 2  


3/8 Yanen Li & Tengfei Mu

[reviews] [slides]

Storage in Industry



3/10 Anjali Sridhar & Jason Croft

[reviews] [slides]

3/15 Kevin Larson & Will Dietz

[reviews] [slides]

P2P Apps
3/17 David Lundgren & Curtis Wang

[reviews] [slides]

In-network processing





Spring Vacation - No Class.







Spring Vacation - No Class.




3/29 Michael Ford & Simon Krueger

[reviews] [slides]


3/31 Indy

[reviews] [slides]

Probabilistic Membership Protocols




Project Midterm Report due, 11.59 pm [12pt font, single-sided, 8 + 1 pages max] (In groups of 2-3)

Wiki Term Paper - Second Draft Due (Individual)

Instructions for Midterm and its Submission

4/5 Indy

[reviews] [slides]

Distributed Monitoring and  Management


4/7 Nick Jordan & Igors Svecs

[reviews] [slides]

4/12 Indy

[reviews] [slides]

Measurement Studies


4/14 Indy

[reviews] [slides]

Old Wine: Stale or Vintage?


4/19 Imranul Hoque

[slides] [reviews]

In Byzantium
4/21 Wenxuan Zhou & Qingxi Li

[reviews] [slides]

Cloud Pricing
4/26 Brian Cho

[reviews] [slides A] [slides B]

Other  Industrial Systems  
4/28 Indy

[reviews] [slides]

Structure of Networks



5/3 Indy


Completing the Circle

(No reviews required for the following papers. Paper copies for offline papers were handed out during previous lecture.)

  • R. Hoffmann, "Why buy that theory?", 2003
  • R. P. Feynman, "Metaplast Corp."



Project Final Report due, 11.59 pm [12pt font, single-sided, 12 + 1 pages max] (In groups of 2-3)

Wiki Term Paper - Final Draft Due (Individual)

(Deadline is Hard and final, no extensions!)

Instructions for Midterm and its Submission

Leftover Green Clouds
Leftover   Distributed Debugging


Leftover Flash!  
Leftover   The Middle or the End?

(review any one of the following 3 papers)


Leftover   Availability-Aware Systems

(read the papers, but no reviews required for this session)

Leftover   Design Methodologies, Handling Stress

(No class today, but if you submitted a review on time, you can skip one of the remaining review sessions)

Leftover Sources of unreliability in networks


Leftover  A Step Back 


Leftover   Distributed Management (2)  
Leftover Handling Stress
Leftover   Selfish algorithms   
Leftover Security
Leftover   Economic Theory
Leftover   The future of sensor nets?
Leftover   P2P - Etc.  
Leftover   The End-to-End Approach
4/25 Automatic Computing and Inference
Leftover   Modular Systems  
Leftover Practical theory perspectives
Leftover    Topology and Naming
Leftover   Classical Algorithms  
Leftover   Caching



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