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Experimental Testbeds: You can request Indy for a PlanetLab slice, or Emulab project, or CCT (Cloud Computing Testbed) account, or AWS (Amazon Web Services) account (there are limited number of slots available for each: about 5 projects on each testbed). It is also likely that students will get accounts on the local Cirruss cloud at University of Illinois to run Hadoop and Pig applications. There will be a very limited number of project accounts available on each of these systems. Therefore, (1) all requests will be granted on an as-needed basis, and (2) you will be given an account on only one of these testbeds, so please choose carefully depending on your project requirements!

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How to Read a Paper

Learning how to write a good paper is a slow process that evolves by assimilation, often over your entire lifetime. The best way to start learning is to actually get started on writing your first one! The best way to continue producing good papers is to develop a systematic approach to technical writing. Whichever stage your research career is in, Scattered Systems helps you achieve both of the above goals by having you write a paper in three stages: Survey, Midterm report, and Final report (with added perks for the best papers). Here are some extra tips on reading and writing papers.

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