CS 524: Concurrent Programming Languages


Professor Gul Agha

2104 Siebel Center


Office hour:  Tuesdays 3-4pm (or by appointment)

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August 28           Fundamentals of Concurrency or What the Course is About?

August 30           Lambda-Calculus


September 4      Labor Day

September 6      Introduction to Actors


September 11   Actor Semantics

September 13   Actor Semantics


September 18   Actor Semantics                                                                       Assignment 1 (Theory)

September 20   Actor Programming Languages and Frameworks


September 25   Coordination: Synchronization Constraints, Synchronizers, and Session Types

September 27   Other Coordination Frameworks: ActorSpaces, Linda, REO


October 2           Temporal Logics                                                                       Assignment 2 (Programming)

October 4           Model Checking             


October 9           Knowledge Logics

October 11         Distributed Monitoring


October 16         Partial Order Reductions and Concolic Testing

October 18         Brief Student Presentations of Project Topics


October 23         Pi-Calculus

October 25         Pi-Calculus


October 30         Pi-Calculus                                                                                 Assignment 3 (Theory)

November 1      Petri Nets


November 6      Real-Time and Cyberphysical Systems

November 8      Probabilistic Programming


November 13    Quantum Computing (Introduction to Quantum Mechanics)

November 15    Quantum Computing


November 20    Thanksgiving Break

November 22    Thanksgiving Break


November 27    Student Project Reports

November 29    Student Project Reports


December 4       Student Project Reports

December 6       Student Project Reports


December 11     Student Project Reports

December 13     Student Project Reports


December 18-21  Final Projects Due