CS 498TC, Spring 2018: Policies

For students taking the 3-credit version, assignments are worth 35%, midterm 25%, and final 40%.

For grad students taking the 4-credit version, assignments are worth 35%, midterm 20%, final 30%, and paper presentation worth 15%.

Assignments (all written work) may be done in groups of at most 3 students. Please read the academic integrity page. For group solutions, exactly one member of each group submits the assignment (write the names of the members of the group on the cover page). Your assignments are to be submitted, on paper, in class on the date specified.

Your solutions will be judged not only for correctness but also for clarity and style. Ensure that your solutions are complete and mathematically precise, but at the same time, easy to understand and concise. Whenever a homework problem asks you to design an algorithm, in addition to giving a clear description of your algorithm (usually, in pseudocode), you should always include an analysis of the running time, and also justification of correctness if correctness is not obvious. If we do not specify what running time to shoot for, faster algorithms would be worth more points. Typesetting your assignments in LaTeX is recommended (especially if you have poor handwriting).

No late assignments will be accepted. In case of truly extenuating circumstances (such as documented illness, injury, or emergency), let me know as soon as possible.

All regrade requests must be submitted in writing within two weeks of the date that the graded work is returned. You must provide a brief written explanation of why you think your work should be regraded. Note that as a result of closer scrutiny of your work, your grade may go up or down.