Planned Topics

Introduction and prerequisites refresher, course goals and rules

Acoustics and signal processing refresher

Filters and filter design, applications of filtering, equalization

Microphone arrays, localization and beamforming

Room acoustics, simulating rooms, digital reverberation, source image model

Spatial sound perception, 3D audio synthesis

Perception and measurement of noise, denoising techniques

Musical acoustics, music information retrieval

Pitch detection, music transcription, audio fingerprinring

Speech acoustics, speech recognition

Psychoacoustics and audio coding

Special topics


1 – Introduction: PDF

2 – DSP Refresher: PDF / Slides

3 – Filtering: PDF / Slides

4 – Arrays: PDF / Slides

5 – Reverb: PDF / Slides

6 – 3D & Virtual Audio: PDF / Slides


Lab 0

Lab 1

Lab 2

Lab 3

Lab 4

Lab 5