Homework 8: Artificial Neural Networks with PyTorch



Monday 4/15/19, 11:59 PM CST


This homework focuses on becoming familiar with the PyTorch deep learning platform through a tutorial on a benchmark machine learning dataset.

Code and External Libraries

The assignment must be done using Python only. Do all of your work in the provided iPython notebook.

The libraries you may need to have are in this requirements.txt file.


Total points: 100


Submission will be through gradescope


  1. Your python notebook renamed as netid_HW8.ipynb. Submit this in the HW8 Code section.
  2. Convert your python notebook with all outputs and questions answered into PDF format. Name it netid_HW8.pdf. Submit this in the HW8 Report section
Note: Make sure that your training plots are visible after converting to PDF. If this becomes difficult, save the plots as images and attach them to the end of your PDF submission.