Algorithms for Big Data

Chandra Chekuri

CS498ABD/ABG, Fall 2020

Project Details

Aim: The goal of the project is to give you an opportunity to examine a paper/topic in depth. It should be relevant to the contents of the course and should be of some current interest. An ambitious, and an achievable outcome, is to do original research inspired by the project.

Guidelines: Projects can be done individually or in groups of up to two. We encourage group project to facilitate learning and especially if you plan to do research type project. You should pick a paper (or two or more) from the list below or from your own search, confirm the choice with the course staff, and write a report and submit it via Gradescope by the deadline mentioned above. Moses Charikar, outlines quite well, the scope and contents of a good project and report. See here and here.

Potential Papers:

This list is far from exhaustive on these topics. As mentioned above you are free to come up with your own paper(s) and consult us.


Sketching, Streaming, Sparsification

Dimensionality Reduction, Core sets

Fast Numerical Linear Algebra

Parallel, Distributed, MapReduce