"CS 374": Homework and Exam Policies

The course staff must critically examine several thousand pages of homework submissions this semester! We desperately need your help to make sure homeworks are graded and returned quickly. If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, please don't hesitate to ask in lecture, during office hours, on Piazza, or by email.

I apologize in advance for the length of this document. Most of this stuff is obvious to almost everybody, but after teaching this class for many years, I've seen a lot of strange things.

Homework Logistics: How to submit

Yeah, if you could just go ahead and make sure
you do that from now on, that would be great.

Homework Format: What to submit

To keep grading fast and consistent, each numbered homework problem will be graded by a single person, and we will record grades for each problem separately. We need your help to make distribution of problems to graders possible.

I've been to school. I know the rule.

Form: How to write

Please make it easy for the graders to figure out what you mean in the short time they have to grade your solution. A portion of every homework grade is specifically devoted to clarity and style. If your solutions are difficult to read or understand, you will lose points.

Be Honest

Be Clear

Be Concise

Penn and Teller get 25%

Content: What to write

You're gonna start a fight and you're gonna lose.