Jeff Erickson (jeffe)
Chao Xu (chaoxu3)
Hsien-Chih Chang (hchang17)
Tana Wattanawaroon (wattana2)

Abigail Steitz
Alex Steiger
Connor Clark
Grant Czajkowski
Junqing Deng
Nick Bachmair


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One day before class begins, only 81 students have actually registered, making this the first time since 1998 that I'm starting a required course with fewer students than seats. The 1:00 and 2:00 discussion sections are full, but there is plenty of room in the 3:00 section. If you want to take CS 374 and you have taken CS 225 but not CS 373, please come to class this week, add your name to the waiting list, and submit HW0. All majors are welcome. Students on the waiting list will be added in decreasing order of their HW0 scores. After this week, only students on the waiting list who have submitted HW0 will be allowed to register.
August 19
Welcome! We're working hard to get everything set up here before the semester begins. Meanwhile, you may notice a few broken links or pages that refer to previous courses.

If you are interested in taking this class this semester: This is only the second pilot offering of CS 374. We have deliberately limited registration to 100 CS and CE majors who filled out an interest survey in April 2014 and who have taken CS 225 but not CS 373.

If you are interested in taking this class in the future: CS 374 will be offered at full scale, with an expected registration limit of 400 students per semester, starting in Spring 2015. CS and CE majors will have first priority, but we hope that there will also be room for students with other majors.

If you are a graduate student: You should take CS 573.

Weekly schedule (by event)

Tue Thu 12:30-1:45
1310 Digital Computer Lab
Section 1: Wed Fri 1–2 — Tana
Section 2: Wed Fri 2–3 — Hsien
Section 3: Wed Fri 3–4 — Chao
All in 1105 Siebel Center
Office hours
In the open area outside 3304 Siebel, unless otherwise specified.
Available on Canvas; usually due Fridays at 5pm.
Quizzes released Thursday, one week before the due date.
Due Tuesdays at noon in the drop boxes outside 1404 Siebel.
Homeworks released Monday, one week before the due date.
Graded homeworks will be returned in section on Wednesday, one week after submission.

Weekly schedule (by day)

Homework $n+1$ released
12:00–1:00: Tana's office hours
12:00: Homework $n$ due in dropboxes outside 1404 Siebel
12:30–1:45: Lecture
3:30–4:30: Chao's office hours
Graded Homework $n-1$ returned in section
10:00–11:00: Jeff's office hours
1:00–2:00: Lab Section 1 — Tana + Connor
2:00–3:00: Lab Section 2 — Hsien + Grant
3:00–4:00: Lab Section 3 — Chao
4:00–5:00: Hsien's office hours
Quiz $n+1$ released
12:30-1:45: Lecture
12:00: Quiz $n$ due
1:00–2:00: Lab Section 1 — Tana + Gail + Junqing
2:00–3:00: Lab Section 2 — Hsien + Nick + Alex
3:00–4:00: Lab Section 3 — Chao
4:00–5:00: Jeff's office hours

Si maintenant vous me donnez une équation que vous aurez choisie à votre gré, et que vous desirez connaître si elle est ou non soluble par radicaux, je n’aurai rien à y faire que de vous indiquer le moyen de répondre à votre question, sans vouloir charger ni moi ni personne de la faire. En un mot les calculs sont impracticables.
Évariste Galois
For every polynomial-time algorithm you have, there is an exponential algorithm that I would rather run.
Alan Perlis
Algorithms are for people who don't know how to buy RAM.
Clay Shirky