CS 477: Formal Software Development Methods
News for Spring 2014
  • 3/8/14 - MP1 is graded and returned. HW2 was returned earlier this week. - ELG
  • 2/28/14 - HW1 is graded and has been returned. It is in your svn repository, and if you do an svn up you should find it. A number of people had trouble with this assignment. Therefore, I will allow revisions of it, to be turned by no later than Sunday, March 2 at 9:00pm. The revised version should be called hw1-revision.pdf. Your score on the assignment will be the maximum of the original score and the average of the original score and the score of the revision. - ELG
  • 1/30/14 - I have posted a new version of HW1 that removes the garbage from the end of Problem 7. - ELG
  • 1/29/14 - I have created a directory called assignments in each student's directory, and in that I have created a directory hw1 and in that I have placed a copy of hw1.pdf. You need to put your solution in your assignments/hw1 directory as a pdf file named hw1-submission.pdf. Your assignment is not submitted until you do an svn commit. - ELG
  • 1/29/14 - HW1 has been posted to the website. I will aslo push a copy to each of your svn repositories. The assignment that was vissble before 9:00pm this evening was last years assignment and not the one you are to do. It has been removed. - ELG
  • 1/21/14 - Welcome to CS477, Spring 2014. This page will be the main bulletin board for the course, and hence is always under construction. Please check it frequently. - ELG
  • 1/21/13 - Caution: All the webpages for this course are currently under conversion. I have copied then shamelessly from my webpages for cs421, and revised them but there may still be cs421 detritus in them. Please point out any oddities and I will fix them (or explain them). - ELG
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