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CS 473: Homework Policies

The course staff will have to critically examine several thousand pages of homework submissions before the end of semester! We desperately need your help to make sure homeworks are graded and returned quickly. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask in lecture, during office hours, on the course newsgroup, or by email.

Logistics: How to submit

  • In extreme circumstances, we may forgive homeworks or even exams. Extreme circumstances include serious illness, injury, and research-related travel (for example, if you are presenting a paper at a conference). Please see professor for details.
  • How to submit - Submit your homework before the deadline in the submission boxes in the basement - next to the soft drink machines. The 473 boxes are numbered 56-60 (or something similar).
  • We highly reocmmend you typeset your homework, but alternatively you can use a tablet and write in free form, or write a solution on paper, nad submit a scanned version. We recommend you use latex to typset your homework.
  • For a single problem, a single submission per group suffices. It is not necessary that everybody in the group submits his/her own file separately.
  • It is not necessary for all the problems of a homework to be submitted by the same member of the group. Different problems of a homework can be submitted by different members of the group.
  • You are not allowed to submit different problems of a single homework within different groups. Although we are not monitoring this constraint while you submit the problems, before we start to grade a homework we will carefully check for violations.
  • Once graded, you can see your grade and your graded pdf file online.

    Format: What to submit

    Form: How to write

    In short, make it easy for the graders to figure out what you mean. If your solutions are difficult to read or understand, the graders will be less sympathetic to your mistakes. All this goes for exam problems, too.

    Content: What to write

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