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Contacting us/feedback

If you have a general question that is of general interest, please post your question to piazza.
Contacting us: If want to contact the staff, please email the TAs and if needed the relevant instructor. Our netids (use are:
  1. sariel - instructor
  2. akolla - instructor
  3. khashab2 (Khashabi, Danyal) - TA.
  4. vmadan2 (Madan Vivek) - TA.
  5. hwang202 (Hai Wang) - TA.
  6. sroy9 (Subhro Roy) - TA.

Anonymous feedback

It is important to us to know what is working (and more importantly, what is not). Lectures are too fast? Too slow? Homeworks are too hard? Unable to understand the instructors/TAs? Grading is unfair? Homeworks are returned too late? Let us know!

You can send us anonymous feedback using the following form (it takes a while to load):

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