CS 473: Academic Integrity


Each student (or homework group) must write their own homework solutions, in their own words, and must properly credit all sources. These include but are not limited to:

Citing your sources will not lower your homework grade.

Avoiding plagiarism is really very simple: Never present someone else words or ideas as your own.

The following is considered to be cheating: See Article 1, Part 4 of the UIUC student code (http://www.admin.uiuc.edu/policy/code/article_1/a1_1-402.html) for more examples and information. If you have any doubts contact the instructor or the TAs.


Violations of academic integrity will result in serious penalties.

All violations would be reported immediately and promptly to the FAIR system before contacting the students. We report first, and ask questions later.

These penalties are consistent with the CS department's recommendations. All academic integrity cases will be reported to the student's department and college. Multiple offenses can result in suspension or dismissal.

Groups of up to three people are allowed to submit a single solution for each homework. Every member of the group receives credit for the entire assignment. That means every member of the group is responsible for the entire assignment. If a submitted homework contains plagiarized material, every member of the group will be given the same penalty. (Again, this is the same standard that is applied to coauthors of research papers.) If you cheat, you are not only endangering your grade, and possibly your academic career, but your colleagues' as well.

Regardless of whether it constitutes plagiarism, or whether you get caught, getting too much help on your homework will hurt your final grade. If you don't learn how to solve algorithmic problems on your own, you will perform poorly on the (closed-book, closed-notes) exams, which make up 75% of your final course average.


Seek help if you are struggling with the class. The instructor and TAs will make extra time if you need extra assistance in understanding the material better.

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