CS 473, Fall 2017: About This Course

What is this course?

CS 473 (officially "CS 498 DL1") is an algorithms course aimed at advanced undergraduates and graduate students in computer science and related disciplines. When the course is finally approved, it will be cross-listed as Math 473 and CSE 414.


CS 374 or equivalent, or graduate standing. In particular, we assume that students have mastered the material taught in CS 173 (discrete mathematics, especially induction) and CS 225 (basic algorithms and data structures). See Stuff you should already know.

Who is this course for?


This course replaces CS 573 as a prerequisite for all 500-level algorithms courses, in particular:

Degree requirements

This course is not specifically required for any program on campus, but it has been approved to satisfy requirements in each of the following programs:

However, because this is a 400-level course, it does not count toward the requirement in all graduate programs for 500-level credits.

Parts of this web page are borrowed from previous versions of CS 473.